Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

If you play basketball regularly, you will need the right kind of shoes to prevent injury and help you play your best game. Since many experts recommend changing shoes every few weeks, it is likely that you might need to own more than one pair. But the problem is, given the prices of a lot of basketball shoes that can quickly become very expensive. Luckily, not all basketball shoes cost an arm and a leg.

This article will help you to discover the best basketball shoes under $100, first by reviewing seven different products, and then by describing things to consider when buying basketball shoes.

A Quick Look at the Top Basketball Shoes

2.Under Armour Men’s JetUnder Armour
3.NIKE Air Versitile NubuckNIKE
4.WETIKE Kid's Basketball ShoesWETIKE
5.AND 1 Men’s Chosen One Ii SneakerAND1
6.adidas Men's Dame 3 Basketball Shoeadidas
7.Champion Men's Inferno Basketball ShoeChampion

7 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 Reviewed

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Basketball Shoe

This is a mid-cut style of basketball shoe that comes at a good price. The midsole is made of Cloudfoam, and it features a memory foam footbed. This makes the shoes soft and comfortable to wear and play basketball in. These basketball shoes might just meet your needs.

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Basic Construction – This shoe is made from a combination of leather and fabric. It has a rubber sole, which is reported to not leave skid marks on a basketball court. From the arch, the shaft measures roughly mid-top. The construction of the shoe is basic and functional.

Ventilation – This shoe design incorporates perforations to allow for ventilation and air flow. The sides feature a three-stripe logo. The tongue, collar, and rear quarter of the shoe are all made from air mesh. This will allow your feet to breathe, instead of becoming uncomfortably sweaty.

Cushioning and Grip – The sockliner and midsole are constructed of Cloudfoam, providing you with cushioning but not adding a lot of extra weight. This will offer you a comfortable experience without hindering your performance. The outer sole is made from rubber and designed to grip. According to at least one report, it does so without a tendency to produce skid marks.

  • Cloudfoam allows for lightweight cushioning
  • The shoe uses mesh and perforations to create ventilation
  • It is a genuine Adidas brand shoe
  • The soles have a gripping function
  • The soles do not leave skid marks
  • Some, though not all, have observed a problem with the soles becoming detached
  • There are reports of poor manufacturing

Summary: This is a genuine Adidas pair of shoes. They are somewhat cheap but might get the job done quite adequately. Maybe they are just the basketball shoes you need.

2. Under Armour Men’s Jet

This shoe is designed with a number of useful features that offer comfort, ventilation, and durability. It is imported. Designed to enhance your basketball performance, maybe it is the shoe you need.

Under Armour Men’s Jet
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Breathability – This shoe is designed to be breathable by having an upper made of a combination of leather and textile. The midfoot panel is made from mesh to provide ventilation. Wearing these shoes, your feet will be able to breathe.

Comfort – The ankle collar of this shoe is cushioned in order to enhance comfort. The sockliner is made from die-cut EVA, cushioning the underfoot for further comfort. The midsole is made from compression molded EVA, giving you a lightweight and responsive shoe experience.

Durability – This shoe has a solid rubber outsole that is built to be durable. It uses a herringbone traction pattern to help you control your movements on the court. It also features a toe cap to increase durability and keep you from experiencing toe drag.

  • It offers good ventilation
  • It has a cushioned ankle collar
  • It is built to be durable
  • It has a good traction pattern
  • It has a toe cap
  • You might need to go half a size or a size larger
  • There are reports of these shoes not being very durable

Summary: This pair of shoes is reported to be comfortable and effective. It could even be comparable to more well-known brands that cost more. It could be just the sort of basketball shoe you need.

3. NIKE Air Versitile Nubuck

This shoe is made by a well-known and trusted athletics brand. It has many features designed to enhance comfort and performance. You may have found the basketball shoes you need.

NIKE Air Versitile Nubuck
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Design – This shoe is constructed from synthetic materials and it is imported. The sole is made of rubber and the shaft measures about 3” from the arch. The upper is made from Nubuck and mesh, and it has a padded Achilles notch. The design elements of this shoe come together to give you a good experience.

Comfort and Ventilation – Made from a combination of mesh and Nubuck, the upper of this shoe is lightweight, durable, and breathable. Inside is a 1/2 bootie made from breathable sandwich mesh that works with the tongue to give you a comfortable, sock-like fit. The padded Achilles notch increases the comfort factor while also helping to keep your foot inside the shoe.

Other Features – The midsole of this shoe is made from phylon to make it more comfortable, lightweight, and stable. The heel is designed to sit lower than the top line of the midsole in order to increase stability. The outsole is designed to be durable and offers traction to work on a variety of surfaces. The webbing integrates with the laces, and there is an Air-Sole unit to cushion the heel during hard landings.

  • It is designed to be comfortable
  • It has design features that make it stable
  • It is breathable
  • It is lightweight
  • The Air-Sole unit cushions the heel
  • There are several reports of the shoes constantly leaking air during use
  • Some have said they don’t last long

Summary: If you are looking for a basketball shoe on a budget, this model certainly has plenty of useful features. There are things to consider, but it might possibly be just the thing for you.

4. WETIKE Kid’s Basketball Shoes

This is a durable high-top athletic sneaker made for kids. It has a lot of design features that make it a really great shoe. Built to be ergonomic, lightweight, durable, and flexible, if you are looking for a basketball shoe for a kid, this could be just what you need.

WETIKE Kid's Basketball Shoes
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Materials – This shoe has an upper made of smooth leather. It also has molded quarter panels that conform to the shape of the foot and offer comfort and breathability. Leather overlays offer stability. The sole is made from solid synthetic rubber, in one piece. It uses a herringbone traction pattern to offer good grip on the court.

Antimicrobial Lining – This shoe has an antimicrobial lining cloth that helps to minimize the risk of odor-causing bacteria showing up. Additionally, the footbed uses anti-odor technology so that microbes will be less likely to grow. You will be glad not to worry about your kid’s shoes becoming too horribly stinky.

Ergonomics – The shaft of this shoe is mid-top from the arch. The toe area has about 15° of flexibility. Additionally, the shoe is designed with flex grooves, both vertical and horizontal. This allows flexibility in all directions. The cushion is long-lasting, so it will not be damaged by kids playing hard.

  • The sole offers good grip
  • The shoe is molded to the foot and built to be comfortable
  • It uses technology to prevent odor-causing bacteria
  • It is flexible
  • It has a long-lasting cushion
  • There might be some confusion over the sizing
  • According to one report, they are not super durable

Summary: If you are looking for a basketball shoe for kids, you may need to look no further. This shoe has positive reviews, great design features, and a good price. It might be just what you need.

5. AND 1 Men’s Chosen One Ii Sneaker

Made from synthetic materials, this is a high-top shoe. It uses low-sew construction design and other features to provide comfort, breathability, and support. A low-budget basketball shoe, it is reported to be decent. Maybe it is the shoe for you.

AND 1 Men’s Chosen One Ii Sneaker
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Construction Features – This shoe features a low-sew synthetic upper and uses hybrid low-sew construction. This has the function of enhancing comfort, ventilation, and durability. The internal bootie is also constructed to provide comfort and allow for air flow. These features will combine to give you a great experience.

Stabilizing Features – The midsole of this shoe is made from high-rebound Duraspring foam, providing you with more structural stability as well as offering cushioning from impacts. A 3D TPU shank stabilizer gives you arch support and torsional rigidity. This will help you play with a lower risk of injury.

Other Benefits – This shoe is extremely lightweight. The soles are non-marking. It is reported to be extremely good for indoor use. The sizes run a bit big, so you might want to get half a size smaller than you normally wear. It has been said that they are at least a little bit better than other shoes in a similar price range.

  • It is a comfortable shoe
  • Your feet can breathe in these shoes
  • Arch support is a feature
  • It is a lightweight shoe
  • It has non-marking soles
  • There have been reports of it breaking down extremely quickly
  • It can be large and clunky compared to others

Summary: This AND1 shoe has a lot of good qualities. If the features seem to be what you have been looking for, then maybe this is the budget basketball shoe you need.

6. Adidas Dame 3 Basketball Shoe

This is a nifty-looking shoe that uses some advanced technology. It is engineered to fit seamlessly and offer support while remaining flexible. It might be the right shoe for you.

adidas Men's Dame 3 Basketball Shoe
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Design – This is a mid-top shoe made from fabric. It is imported and it uses a rubber sole. It is designed to have some of the characteristics of a sock and to enable you to use the same natural foot motion as when you are barefoot. It has a sprint frame construction and four zones of flex.

Flexibility and Speed – This shoe is soft and flexible while also being sturdy. The design features allow you to run fast and be light on your feet. The chassis is lightweight and supportive, giving you more speed. Made from fabric and with four zones of flex for even more flexibility, this shoe will allow your feet to move naturally and efficiently.

Comfort – The padded collar on this shoe offers you extra comfort. Designed to be soft and flexible, they will give your feet the freedom they need in order for you to play your best game. They can be a bit stiff when new, but two or three games ought to break them in nicely.

  • It is designed to work with a more natural foot motion
  • It is soft and flexible
  • It is designed to enable you to run faster
  • It has a padded collar for comfort
  • Most people are quite satisfied with this shoe
  • There have been some complaints of it hurting feet due to lack of arch support
  • This pair of shoes tends to fit more tightly than most basketball shoes, so if you are expecting the sizes to run bigger, you might wind up with a shoe that is too tight

Summary: This is a rare edition of a very good basketball shoe. The overwhelming majority of reviews are positive, and this shoe has some great design features. It might be just the thing you need.

7. Champion Men’s Inferno Shoe

This shoe is extremely inexpensive and has a lot of good features for a shoe. It’s a decent, basic, all-purpose athletic shoe. However, it lacks some of the main features found in most basketball shoes, and may not be appropriate for a serious or professional basketball player. But if you play basketball only casually, and need a pair of general workout or athletic shoes, this shoe might fit your needs perfectly.

Champion Men's Inferno Basketball Shoe
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Construction – Made from man-made materials, this shoe features a mesh upper and laces, as well as a padded collar, a padded insole, mesh lining, and an ankle, pull tab. The outsole is built-up and non-marking. It has good ankle support and is comfortable.

Benefits – Built from a combination of fabric and mesh, this shoe is breathable. The ankle pull tab allows you to easily get the shoe on and off. The padding on the collar and insole offer you extra comfort. This shoe is specifically good for playing outdoor basketball.

Considerations – This is a good, sturdy pair of shoes, but there are some things that make them not ideal for playing basketball in all situations. The soles don’t offer very much grip, so they are not so great for playing basketball or other sports on an indoor court. But they will probably do fine on an outdoor court. They are somewhat cheaply made, but still durable. All in all, it really depends on what your needs are.

  • The shoes are made from breathable mesh
  • The collar and insole are padded
  • An ankle pull tab is featured so you can take the shoes off easily
  • They are very inexpensive shoes
  • They are reasonably durable
  • The sole doesn’t have much grip on a hardwood floor
  • It is not the highest quality pair of shoes

Summary: If you are looking for a cheap and basic shoe, this could be what you need. If you play basketball outdoors or want the shoes for other sports, this pair could be quite adequate.

Things to Consider When Buying a Basketball Shoe

Support – A good basketball shoe will support your foot while still allowing it to perform its functions. To offer the best support, you will want the heel of the shoe to be stable and not loose. The midfoot should be flexible, but not too flexible. If the shoe can be bent in half, it’s too flexible, but you don’t want it to be too stiff either. The toe of the shoe needs to be as flexible as your toes are. If the shoe is mid or high top, make sure that a full range of motion in the ankle is still allowed.

Grip – You will want a shoe that provides good traction, gripping to the surface being played on. Soles come in a variety of patterns. An ideal pattern will not have a tendency to accumulate too much dust, or will at least be easy to clean. The shape of the sole should support that natural shape of the arch of your foot. It is also best for the sole to be made of a material that repels rather than accumulates debris.

Comfort – Comfort is an important feature in a basketball shoe because it affects whether the shoe can be worn for long periods of time without pain or physical discomfort. If a shoe is uncomfortable or painful, you will probably not be playing your best game while wearing it.

However, most of the things that make a shoe comfortable are down to personal preference, so you have the final say on whether a shoe is comfortable for you. There are a few design features that tend to affect comfort. One of them is width. You want a shoe to fit tightly, but not be too difficult to get on and off.

The shapes of your foot will also affect what sort of shoe is comfortable for you in that regard. Another thing that affects comfort is how tight the shoe is. Laces allow you to have some control over how tightly the shoe fits, which is good because the specific conditions of a game might affect the level of tightness you need. Then, of course, there is the cushion factor. Shoes designed with cushioning will usually be comfortable and protect your feet from the shock of impacts.

Durability – When buying basketball shoes, it is important to consider how long they will last. Shoes made from cheaper materials tend to not last as long. However, some more expensive shoes are not actually more durable than other cheaper models. It merely use some expensive material in a place that contributes nothing to the actual structure of the shoe. Durability must be balanced with cost when you are choosing a basketball shoe.

Price – You need to choose an affordable shoe without compromising too much on quality. If one shoe costs less than another, but it costs more than half what the other costs, and lasts half as long, it isn’t actually a good deal. You also don’t want to buy a cheap shoe that is so uncomfortable that you can’t play in it and you have to buy another pair. It is important to consider whether any particular shoe is a good deal, and how much bang you get for your buck. That will help you to choose a basketball shoe on a budget that meets your needs.

The Final Words (Summary)

There are many factors that go into choosing a good basketball shoe. You have to consider the design features, whether the shoe has a good grip, and how comfortable it is. You have to think about what you are specifically looking for in a shoe, and then find a shoe that will meet your needs while still being within your budget.

Fortunately, you have read this article and now know more about choosing basketball shoes than you did before. Now you will be able to find the best basketball shoe under $100.