7 Best around the neck Bluetooth headphones in 2023 for running & calls

Bluetooth headphones are one of the most convenient accessories for the busy person. Not only do they allow you to communicate with others and motivate you through your daily activities using music, but they offer you a way to escape cables, allowing you freedom and flexibility as you move. However, despite this convenience, regular Bluetooth headphones can leave you in the lurch thanks to their limited battery life.

Around the neck Bluetooth headphones offer you a means to overcome this limitation, as they contain a larger battery that fits snugly into the neck part of the device. This means that you can enjoy longer use between charges whilst enjoying the freedom of Bluetooth technology. Here, we take you through the best around the neck Bluetooth headphones of 2023.

How to choose a neckband bluetooth headphone?

There are many important factors to take into account when you want to buy a set of neckband Bluetooth headphones. Before you make your purchase, make sure you consider the following important factors.

Foldable neckband – If you’re a frequent traveller, then you’re no stranger to headphone malfunction due to excessive handling. Choosing a design with a foldable neckband will allow you to pack away your headphones neatly, reducing the wear and tear that they are subject to.

Magnetic ear buds – Neckband headphones feature retractable ear buds, but pressing the button to initiate the retraction can be tricky when you need to do it frequently. You could consider purchasing a set of headphones that offer a magnetic retraction can allow you to clip your ear buds back to the neckband quickly and easily.

Battery life – Your listening needs will vary, and ensuring that you have a set of headphones that can accommodate for the hours of use you require each day is a must. Some models may allow for nine or ten hours of listening, but if this isn’t enough for your needs then be sure to choose a model with extended battery life.

Contoured design – Wearing a neckband might be a new thing for you, and getting used to the way it sits on your neck can take some time. To speed up this process and ensure that you’re enjoying your new headphones quicker, choose a design that allows for a contoured fit so that you’ll experience less movement and pressure.

Sound quality – The average user may not have any audio quality requirements, but if you’re an audiophile, then you’ll want to pay particular attention to the quality specifications of your headphones. For a rich, well-balanced sound, choose a set of headphones that deliver excellent bass response with detailed focus on the mid- and high frequency ranges.

7 Best around the neck bluetooth headphones reviewed

1. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Why spend a fortune on headphones when you can buy inexpensive Bluetooth around the neck headphones that can rival major competitors when it comes to quality? The Mpow Jaws Bluetooth headphones are a convenient, travel-friendly way to enjoy your favorite music in a way that doesn’t break the budget.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones
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Vibrating call alert: When you’re grooving along to your favorite tunes, it can be hard to notice when your cell phone is ringing. Rather than miss a call, the neckband is fitted with a vibration alert system that will give you a heads-up when a call is coming in. That way, you can be entertained whilst knowing you won’t be missing important calls.

Shark-like magnet: Putting your Bluetooth headphones in might be easy, but removing them for storage can be a tricky task. Rather than have you fiddling with the tiny ear buds, the neckband features a shark-like magnet that snaps to the ear buds when it is held close, facilitating easy wear.

Convenient carry case: Wherever you go, your headphones go, so having a way to store them when they’re not in use is very important. The Mpow headphones come with a sturdy carry case that fits the neckband and ear buds. This gives you a convenient way to store the headphones when not in use, keeping them in good, safe condition wherever you go.


  • Enjoy up to 13 hours of use between charges
  • High quality drivers that deliver amazing sound quality
  • Comes with a convenient carry case for easy travelling
  • Vibrating alert that lets you know when you’re receiving a call
  • Shark-like magnet that makes it easy to remove them from your ears


  • The microphone may make your voice muffled while on calls
  • If you have a thin neck, the neckband may not stay on during heavy workout sessions

Summary: The Mpow around the neck Bluetooth headphones are a convenient and inexpensive way to get longevity for your wireless listening and communication. With a convenient carry case and a huge 13 hours of use between charges, these headphones offer the freedom that you need at a price that you want.

2. AMORNO Foldable Neckband

We know you’re serious about your workouts. That’s why you need a Bluetooth neckband headphone solution that can keep up with you while you’re moving. The Amorno foldable Bluetooth headhones allow you to play all your favorite sports without worrying about slippage or sweat damage.

AMORNO Foldable Neckband Headset
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Retractable ear buds: The Amorno Bluetooth headphones are the perfect accessory for people on the go. Featuring retractable ear buds that are designed to reduce sticking, these headphones are perfect for people who are always moving around, like cyclists or people who enjoy sports or running.

Sweat-proof technology: If you’re always working up a sweat, the excess moisture can mean that you risk your headphone functionality. The Amorno neckband headset is designed with water resistant technology, which means that you can enjoy your headphones no matter how much of a sweat you build up.

Reduce background noise: The Bluetooth 4.1 chipset in these headphones means that you’ll enjoy buzz-free listening and excellent sound quality both when listening to music and making voice calls. Not only will you appreciate a richer, fuller sound, but you’ll reduce distractions so that you can focus on the things that matter.


  • Fully foldable design which means you can pack them away with ease
  • Built-in microphone allows for hands free calling when your driving or working out
  • Water and sweat resistant allowing for dependability
  • Battery supports 12 hours of listening and 10 hours of talk-time
  • Noise cancellation technology allows you to filter out background noises


  • Voice delivery can often sound distant or like you’re on speaker phone
  • The neckband can be a little more bulky than other units

Summary: The Amorno foldable Bluetooth neckband headphone set is the perfect solution for people who want to listen to music whilst maintaining peak activity levels. With the strong design that is built for staying put, you can work out without worrying about your headphone placement.

3. Beartwo Lightweight Headphones

Combining the most functional properties of the best Bluetooth neckband headphones, the Beartwo headset is perfect for people who value strength and form whilst providing for the convenience of modern, active living. With a beautiful gray matte finish and a compact foldable design, these headphones are sure to go everywhere with you.

Beartwo Lightweight Headphones
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Superior battery performance: When charging your headphones is burdensome, you need a set that have lasting power. The Beartwo Bluetooth headphones offer this extended functionality, and will provide up to 16 hours of continuous playback between charges, freeing you from constant charging.

Perfect for the constant traveller: When your work frequently takes you on the road, your headphone solution needs to stand up to the constant hustle and bustle of use and movement. The Beartwo Bluetooth headphones feature a foldable design and a convenient carry case which protects them from the knocks and bumps that come with travel.

Body contoured neckband: Neckband headphones offer you the convenience of tangle-free listening, but many designs just sit on your neck, free to move from side to side as you work through your day. The Beartwo headphones are designed with a body contoured fit, so that they sit snug around your neck without movement and discomfort.


  • High sensitivity microphone allows you to communicate without distortion
  • Noise cancelling design frees you from distraction so you can focus
  • Foldable neckband allows you to pack the headphones away easily
  • Allows for up to 16 hours of playback between charges
  • Comes with a convenient carry case so that you can protect them while they are not in use


  • Neckband design is on the bulky side which may hinder use
  • The vibration alert is very strong and can be jarring

Summary: The Beartwo Bluetooth neckband headphones are the perfect solution for people who want a fitted, contoured set of headphones that will stay put when worn. With the long battery performance, these headphones will outperform the most trusted of brands.

4.  Philips SHS5200 28 Headphone

While this model isn’t fitted with Bluetooth technology, we felt that the Philips rich bass neckband headphones deserved a place on this list. With the superb quality that you’ve come to expect from the master of audio technology, these headphones offer convenience and comfort as well as an amazing sound experience.

Philips SHS5200/28 Headphone
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Single-sided cable: Wireless models can offer freedom from cables, but the Philips neckband headphones offer you the ability to experience unlimited playback with a discrete, single-sided cable. Not only does this reduce the amount of tangling you experience, but you will also get the dependability of continuous sound.

Built for comfort and safety: The Philips neckband headphones are designed with safety in mind, with a reflective neckband that enables the highest visibility during workouts on the darkest nights. In addition, the ear cushions give you the extra comfort for longer wearing so you can get through your workout in a pain-free way.

Increased bass response: Philips are known for their sound quality, and these neckband headphones deliver all that and more. With an increased bass response coupled with bass beat vents that increase delivery of sound by allowing for more movement of air, you’ll hear every aspect of your music no matter what.


  • Built for long term use thanks to the cushioned ear pads
  • No need for charging so you can listen to your music whenever you feel like it
  • Reflective neckband which increases safety on your nighttime runs
  • Increased bass response that delivers a richer sound
  • Pull relief system that protects your cable from fraying


  • Wired model that doesn’t include Bluetooth
  • Cushioned headphones that might not be comfortable for people who like ear buds

Summary: Though they aren’t Bluetooth wireless headphones, the Philips neckband headphones are a convenient way to experience a richer sound when listening to your music. Built with comfort and usability in mind, the single-sided cable is far easier to use than other cabled models.

5. LBell SX991 Headset

Why go for dull headphones when you can stand out? The LBell Bluetooth neckband headphones are built to suit your style, no matter how out-there you are, and come in many eye-catching colors. Built to be seen and with a comfortable fit, these headphones are perfect to wear all day long.

LBell SX991 Headset
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Extended battery time: Of all the Bluetooth headphones on the market, you’ll be hard pressed to find a set that can last as long as these. The LBell Bluetooth headphones can perform for up to 18 hours of continuous playback between charges, freeing you from your power source during the day once and for all.

Super clear sound quality: With a focus on delivering superior audio and call quality, combined with the noise reduction technology, the LBell headphones will allow you to experience your music in new, better ways. You’ll experience super clear hi-fi stereo sounds straight out of the box.

Curved fit neckband: When you are going to be wearing your headphones all day long, you need a neckband that will offer you a comfortable fit. The LBell headphones are built with a curved fit neckband, so they’ll rest comfortably around your neck without additional pressure or weight, allowing you to wear them longer.


  • Get up to 18 hours of use between charging
  • Comfortable neckband that allows for extended use
  • Foldable design so you can pack them away more easily
  • Crystal clear sound quality with noise reduction technology
  • Retractable ear bud design controlled by an easy-press button


  • The neckband is large and the hinges can catch hair
  • Microphone can be oversensitive, picking up unwanted background noise during calls

Summary: Choosing the color of your neckband headphones can help to add a spark of color to your day. The LBell headphones not only come in a range of bright, eye-catching colors, but they deliver the ultimate in performance longevity and are great for all-day use.

6. Qi Hong Sport Headphones

If a rigid neckband doesn’t suit your style, you may want to consider a flexible neckband headset. This set of Bluetooth headphones are designed to be strung around your neck like a necklace, offering you that same flexibility that rigid designs offer, but with the convenience and freedom of knowing where they are when you’re not using them.

Qi Hong Sport Bluetooth Headphones
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Lightweight and comfortable: These headphones are built with the active person in mind. Flexible and lightweight, they are perfect for people who love to run or hike, designed with comfortable ear buds that stay in place no matter how vigorous your workout is.

Secure magnetic design: Security is highly important for active people, and with the strong magnetic design of these headphones, you’ll always know where your ear buds are. The magnet allows you to clip the ear buds together around your neck when they aren’t in use, staying safely around your neck for when you need them.

High quality bass response: High definition sound quality is delivered through these Bluetooth headphones, and the bass response is particularly powerful. Delivering crystal clear music and allowing for excellent voice call quality, these headphones are perfect for busy, active people.


  • Sweat and water resistant so that you’ll enjoy music through strenuous workouts
  • Delivers over 9 hours of playback between charges
  • Extremely lightweight and flexible to fit with any level of activity
  • Built-in microphone allows for seamless voice calling
  • Magnetic design that allows you to attach the ear buds together when not in use


  • Neckband design means that you’ll have your ear buds hanging at the front when you aren’t using them
  • The playback time is not as long when compared to other models

Summary: Whether you’re a gym junkie or you just love listening to music while you work, these Bluetooth headphones are the perfect lightweight accessory. The magnetic design means that you’ll never lose them no matter how vigorous your workout is.

7.  SoundPEATS Force Headphones

When it comes to headphones, you want quality and functionality, but the most important feature of an around the neck style is discretion. The SoundPEATS Force Bluetooth headphones are a highly functional set of headphones that have a discrete profile, allowing you to wear them to match any style.

SoundPEATS Force Bluetooth Headphones
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Noise cancellation: Inexpensive headphones almost always come with one major problem: sound quality is marred by the presence of outside noise. These SoundPEATS Bluetooth headphones are built with noise cancelling technology, which allows you to listen without being distracted by what is going on around you.

Superior sound quality: These small but powerful headphones are built to deliver super high clarity with superior sound quality. With excellent focus on the bass frequencies coupled with beautifully flowing mid and high frequencies, you’ll experience a well-balanced soundscape when you’re on the go.

Built for working out: When you’re an active person, finding headphones that can keep up with your rigorous movements can be a difficult challenge. The SoundPEATS headphones are built with a form fitting neckband that minimizes movement during running or aerobic workouts.


  • Built-in microphone that delivers clear, high fidelity sound during calls
  • Powerful bass-driven headphones that adds dimension to your music
  • Dual batteries that allow for up to 16 hours of playback
  • Built-in magnets that make it easy to remove and store the ear buds
  • Designed specifically for the busy individual and stay put when working out


  • The pairing distance may not be as far-reaching as other devices
  • Excess sweat has been known to damage the controls

Summary: For active people, it can be difficult to find an around the neck style set of Bluetooth headphones that will stay put through even the most vigorous of workouts. The SoundPEATS Bluetooth headphones are designed for just that, giving you freedom, flexibility and dependability.

The Final Words (Summary)

Neckband Bluetooth headphones are a great way to free yourself from the restrictions of cabled headphones whilst allowing you hours of listening time without worrying about charging. With the ability to allow for listening to music whilst interfacing with your cell phone so you can make hands-free calls.

Neckband Bluetooth headphones offer you extended functionality over regular headphones whilst giving you the security of always having your headphones in place. We hope that this guide to the best around the neck Bluetooth headphone has helped to inspire you listen to your favorite music while you’re on the go.

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