7 Best Air Hoses Of 2019

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Some tasks like car washing, firefighting, and deep-sea diving require channeling of water and gases under intense pressure to some predefined locations. To be assured the highest levels of performance, you inevitably have to bring in the best air hoses for the job.

You can only achieve this if you know how to go about the issue. That is why our guidance below makes absolute sense. We have sampled and reviewed seven of the best items of these kinds. We are also going to look into those factors you have to consider to arrive at the best purchasing decisions.

A Quick Look At The Top Rated Air Hoses

Flexzilla Air HoseFlexzilla
Goodyear EP 46566Goodyear Engineered Products
Hitachi 115156Hitachi
Goodyear Rubber Air HoseGoodyear
WYNNsky Air HoseWYNNsky
Giraffe Tools GT50Giraffe Tools

7 Best Air Hoses Reviewed

1. Flexzilla Air Hose

The variations in weather patterns have a bearing on the functioning of the air hoses. It is because of this that you want to find one like this that is universal in scope. This is simply to mean that it can operate under all the various environmental conditions reliably for that matter.

Flexzilla Air Hose
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Flexible Hybrid Polymer Construction – Coming in first among its outstanding features is the flexible hybrid polymer construction. This material is pretty strong and durable yet flexible enough for easier controls. By reason of this, the air hose does not kink even when subjected to intense pressure. It, therefore, assures you the maximum flow of air at all times.

Extreme All-Weather Flexibility – Regardless of the precise circumstance of use, the air hose maintains a fair degree of flexibility. It neither gets stiff nor become too brittle even in extremely cold temperatures. On the flipside, it stays flexible even in temperatures that near the subzero levels. You have the assurance it will do you good under all conditions of use.

Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Fittings – Its fittings are made of the sturdy yet lightweight aircraft-grade Aluminum materials. As a result of this awesome construction, the air hose is very durable, resists the various elements of wear and tear perfectly, and also reduces the costs of repairs and maintenance. This is not to mention that it is comparatively lighter in weight.

  • Very flexible under all environmental conditions
  • Does not kink under the most extreme of pressure
  • Operates at a high working pressure of around 300 psi
  • Withstands extremely high temperatures of approximately 70°F
  • Has a superior bend radius
  • You have to be really knowledgeable to master and operate it
  • Only for professional applications
  • Has a limited air capacity

Summary: No other air hose under consideration guarantees you robust functionality in all weather conditions. This indeed is your perfect choice. Do go for it!

2. TEKTON 46338

Do you change locations every now and then? You might want to try your hand on this particular air hose if you answered this question in the affirmative. This is because it is designed with the ability to operate perfectly in extreme weather conditions in mind. It stays alive in cold weather and does not bubble in extreme heat.

TEKTON 46338
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Premium Flexible Rubber Construction – Its ability to attain the feats above mainly stems from its premium flexible rubber construction. The hose generally remains soft and simpler to work with under all temperature ranges. It can as a matter of fact function robustly at temperatures as low as -40°F. You just cannot forfeit this awesome feature.

Excellent Heat Handling Capability – Other than extremely low temperatures, the air hose can also function robustly at temperatures that are way very high. It can, as a matter of fact, perform reliably at the whopping 190°F. This is mainly made possible by the spiral yarn reinforcements which handle the heat effectively.

Bend Restrictors – To further prevent kinks and guarantee you added flexibility, the air hose comes along with some bend resistors. These are stationed strategically at the pressure points. They prevent the air hose from sustaining kinks and the possibility of choking when subjected to too many strains. This also prevents the hose from being damaged too quickly.

  • Hardly corrodes and calls for limited repairs on your part
  • Provides effective seals against the leaks than other hoses
  • Works robustly well at the most extreme of low temperatures
  • Soft and easy to work within the long run
  • Delivers superior performance under all circumstances of use
  • Contains Lead and other harmful carcinogenic chemicals
  • Prolonged use may cause cancer and birth defects
  • Lacks the necessary robust customer support services

Summary: Notwithstanding its few downsides, this air hose is still a great possession if you change locations every now and then. Its ability to adapt to numerous environments of use makes it a ‘must have.’

3. Goodyear EP 46566

If you have never attempted to use the air hose before, you might want one that is very simple and easy to use. This is to avoid the many mistakes that most people do at such times. Perhaps no other air hose is as suited to this role better than this one.

Goodyear EP 46566
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Solid Brass End Fittings – At the ends of the air hose are the solid brass end fittings. These fittings measure the comfortable ½ inch male national pipe threads. Given this construction, the pipe is very strong and way very reliable. It resists all forms of damages and corrosion. This also delivers to you maximum outcomes and levels of reliability.

Spiral Synthetic Yarn Reinforcement – The entire fabric that makes up the air hose is reinforced by the spiral synthetic yarn. This material is pretty strong, durable and very reliable. It slows down the pace of wear and tear. As a result of this, the material makes the entire hose to perform optimally for an extended amount of time.

Abrasion-Resistant Rubber Outer Jacket – Its entire exterior is adorned with an abrasion-resistant rubber. Being resistant to abrasion, it hardly sustains any peel offs. On the contrary, it retains its proper functioning condition at all times and under all degrees of impacts. You have the pleasure of unconstrained reliability for your leverage.

  • Resists kinks near the end fittings
  • Possesses the rubber reinforcement for added flexibility
  • Operates on quite a number of cycles throughout its overall lifespan
  • Hardly corrodes or sustains bends and is thus cheaper to maintain
  • Calls for comparatively limited repairs and maintenance
  • Too simple to handle complex chores
  • Does cost well beyond its potential benefits
  • Imposes some drag when carried around

Summary: Get hold of this air hose and launch your career success with the least number of hassles imaginable. Its simplicity is great for complete novices like you!

4. Hitachi 115156

Hitachi 115156
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If you are a career diver, firefighter or welder, you might definitely want an air hose that is capable of achieving numerous work cycles. Look to no other air hose then this as it is indeed very strong and durable. These are mainly made possible by its heavy-duty construction and material composition.

Heavy-duty Bend Restrictors – By far the most notable and outstanding of its features is the heavy-duty bend resistors. These are mainly fitted at the pressure points and play the role of slowing down the kinking process. Being heavy-duty, they confer to you the benefit of added durability and long-term applications.

Extra-light Construction – All factors considered, the materials that are used to make up the air hose are super light in weight. They are as a matter of fact 40% lighter than the PVC materials. You, therefore, have the pleasure of confronting limited hassles and drag as you transport the air hose to the desired locales of use.

Awesome Flexibility – Generally speaking, the air hose remains flexible in the most extreme of cold temperatures. It does not shrink in size considerably or sustain some clogs at such times like most ordinary hoses. This makes the air hose your safest bet if you happen to frequent such locations on a regular basis.

  • Reinforced for extended durability
  • Manufactured by the reputable Hitachi Corporation
  • Relatively cheaper to afford and make use of
  • Very light by virtue of weighing only 4.3 pounds
  • Requires minimal storage space
  • Lacks a couple of vital components and features
  • Not so convenient to use for professional applications
  • Does not perform well in very high-temperature conditions

Summary: If you are a career workman whose whole life revolves around air hoses, this is a nice try. Do incorporate it into your workman tools and armory.

5. Goodyear Rubber Air Hose

To be certain of the safety of the other workers in a factory, you want an air hose that is loaded with all the various safety gears and features. Perhaps no other air hose apart from this may guarantee you the said level of safety. As you are about to see, it is indeed an amalgamation of all such features.

Goodyear Rubber Air Hose
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Effective Outer Coating – To start with, the air hose has an effective outer coating. This coating is rated Class C and is highly resistant to weather, oil, and solvents. It prevents the percolation of these elements into the air hose and in so doing, provides maximum defense against their possible side effects.

Wide Operational Temperature Range – On the whole, the air hose can operate in a comparatively wider temperature range. With regards to this, the hose can perform effectively between -40°F and 190°F. For this reason, you may carry it out and about any area, you choose to. You will still receive the same level of satisfaction.

High Maximum Burst Pressure – Lastly, it comes along with some high maximum burst pressure. Due to this feature, the air hose can attain the comfortable 1,070 pounds per square inch of pressure without sustaining any leaks of bursting. This yet again gives you some leverage to use it for those applications that demand extreme pressure.

  • Solid brass construction adds life and vitality to the air hose
  • The Spiral synthetic yarn reinforcement reduces the pace of deterioration
  • Discharges air at the comfortable level of 250 pounds per square inch
  • Accommodates some fittings for extended functionality
  • Convenient to carry around due to a compact size
  • Does not have a comprehensive warranty
  • May call for too much money to afford
  • May not handle some applications well

Summary: If you care too much for your safety, you need to get the guesswork out of you by placing your bet on this extremely safe air hose. You have it for your use in the factory setting.

6. WYNNsky Air Hose

Are you a do-it-yourself user? If you answered back in the affirmative, you might want to lay your hand on this particular air hose. This is because it is constructed with such kinds of persons like you in mind. It is generally simpler in both scope and functionality to make this possibility a reality.

WYNNsky Air Hose
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PVC Material Construction – Topping the charts of its most reliable features is the polyvinyl material construction. This material is generally famed for being light in weight and highly flexible. It is also durable enough to ensure a longer lifespan. These facts jointly combine to make your do-it-yourself applications a walk in the park.

Highly Versatile – Generally speaking, the air hose can pair and work well with a whopping 17 pieces of air tool accessories. These include all the various tools, and air fittings necessary for an extended range of functionality. You will therefore not have to look elsewhere for your applications as this one is completely sufficient.

Double ¼-inch MNPT Hose – The hose proper comes in the form of the double ¼-inch MNPT construction. This construction is very strong and durable yet flexible enough for easy applications. It can also discharge compressed air at the faster rate of around 300 pounds per square inch. You indeed have a great companion for those complicated chores.

  • Pretty resistant to corrosion and other agents of deterioration
  • Offers enhanced sealing from the possibilities of leakages
  • Comes along with a generous 2-year warranty
  • Does not mar the user or his clothes
  • Reduces the likelihood of tripping when utilizing it
  • Unsuitable for professional applications
  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance
  • Does not have a couple of vital features and specifications

Summary: If you are a do-it-yourself technician, this is the air hose for your consideration. You just have to love its simplicity of scope and relative ease of use!

7. Giraffe Tools GT50

For professional applications, you can never at all afford to gamble with the kind of air hose you choose to utilize. You just have to acquire one that is as suited for those applications as possible. It is only then that you might be assured of the robust and high-quality outcomes.

Giraffe Tools GT50
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Class C Oil-resistant EPDM Rubber Cover – Making this air hose better-suited for the professional applications is the Class C oil-resistant EPDM rubber cover. This material is generally resistant to high pressure. It is also flexible enough to assure you the most reliable of outcomes at any given time. Why would you even wish to look elsewhere?

High-quality Corrugated Packaging – Unlike most other air hoses, it comes along in some redesigned and high-quality corrugated packaging. This construction brings about added strength and also makes it pretty effective at withstanding the various elements of wear and tear. You have the benefit of reduced repair and maintenance costs.

Superior Bend Radius – Lastly, it has a pretty superior bend radius. By reason of this arrangement, you are assured awesome reliability at all times of use. The bend radius also prolongs the life of the hose and assures that it brings about maximum effects while being used. You yet again have a reason to smile.

  • Extremely flexible for maximum ease of use
  • Works well under all the various weather conditions
  • Does not sustain any kinks even when subjected to intense cold
  • Protected at the ends for reduced incidences of breakdowns
  • Resists the percolation of oils and moisture
  • Comprises some carcinogenic materials
  • Quite bulky and a bit cumbersome to carry around
  • Cannot handle intense heat effectively

Summary: Get hold of this air hose right away and welcome a whole range of professional capability. You cannot avoid it at all if you are a professional technician!

Things To Consider When Buying An Air Hose

Air Discharge Rate – This refers to the amount of air that the hose can comfortably discharge per unit time. It is designated in cubic feet per minute. A good air hose, needless to say, has to possess the highest realistic discharge rate. This is to expedite the time taken to perform the relevant chore.

Air Pressure Output – The air pressure output is the amount of pressure that the air that is discharged possesses. It is designated in pounds per square inch. Yet again, the good quality air hose has to be able to attain the highest realistic air pressure output for your maximum convenience. This is especially a must if you are handling extremely tough chores.

Duty Cycle – How often do you intend to use the air hose? A good hose has to possess a high duty cycle range. This is simply to mean that it should be able to operate reliably repeatedly without breaking down so soon. This can only happen if it possesses a durable material construction.

Moisture Problems – It is not uncommon for the air hose to let in some moisture such as water, oil, and other solvents. This problem mainly arises when the hose is used in a damp environment such as a workshop. The problem ought not to arise though. Check out the material construction to be sure of this.

Material Composition – Generally speaking, a good air hose should be extremely safe, very light, and extremely durable. It should be completely devoid of any carcinogenic chemicals that are likely to cause cancer or other forms of respiratory tract infections. Some of the materials to avoid are Lead and Polyvinyl Chloride.

The Final Words (Summary)

It is not enough to know about the best air hose and how to look for the right one. It pays to take the initiative to find one that is as suited for your role as possible. It is only by making such a huge step that you will be able to accrue the benefits the reviewed air hoses may have to offer to you.

You definitely want others to enjoy similar benefits, don’t you? Please go ahead and share the information with them. We wish you all the best in your next use and application of the air hoses!