5 Best 65 inch 4K TV under 1000 USD in 2023 [Updated list]

The advent of the 4K technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the television experience. Images are now larger yet sharper and clearer than ever before. It is therefore in the interest of any serious movie and television enthusiast to acquire one at the earliest time possible. If you are the television or video enthusiast we are talking about, then I must say you have landed on just the right page. We have carried out extensive research on the best 65 inch 4K TV under 1000 USD and we are glad to present you our findings.

We have identified top five such products. We are going to review them in much detail. We are also going to examine those factors you ought to consider while on the lookout for a good 4K screen. We shall finish off by discussing the various tips to adhere to while using or operating your 4K screen. It is our hope that you will be able to acquire and operate these screens perfectly well thereafter.

What do I need to know about buying a 4K 65-inch TV?

Screen Size: This is the measure of how large or small the screen is. It is calibrated in inches. A good 4k TV ought to have as large a screen as possible. This is to enable you to enjoy the maximum size of images possible, you are better off with a larger screen.

Refresh Rate: The refresh rate is the pace at which the images on the screen of the television are refreshed. It is measured in Hertz. It is important that your television set has a faster refresh rate. This is because a faster rate leads to fewer distortions or blurs of the images.

Resolution: It is the degree of sharpness of an image. It is determined by the number of dots per square inch, otherwise referred to as pixels. To be certain of maximum clarity of the images you view, go for a set that has a very high resolution.

Versatility : This is the sum total number of tasks and purposes to which the screen may be put. A good television has to be able to perform as many related purposes as possible. For this to happen, it must be able to attach to and communicate with as many related devices as possible.

Brand: Even though all 4k screens can perform more or less similar chores, some brands have stood out as exceptional. Examples of these include LG, Sony, Samsung, and Scepter. In your search for the right screen, be sure to give them higher preference.

Price: Size is an important consideration as it must fit in your chosen listening area comfortably with enough space left around each component for proper air circulation. Keep in mind the larger the unit, the more connectivity options you may have. However, if you are in a small apartment or live in a dorm room, you’ll be better off getting a smaller amplifier.

Power: You do not want to break the bank while looking for the right screen, do you? However, given that you will not buy these screens every quite often, you are advised to go for the most expensive you can afford. Ascertain your financial resource base first and foremost. Thereafter proceed to find one that fits within that budget.

5 Best 65 inch 4K TV under 1000 USD reviewed

1. Sceptre U658CV-UMC (High Resolution)

Do you have several 4k devices in your home? Would you wish to reduce clutter and expedite your usage and enjoyment of the same? If you answered yes, you, by all means, want a comprehensive screen that can communicate with all these devices at a time.

Sceptre U658CV-UMC
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Superior 4K Picture : Enjoy the unparalleled world of high color variation, higher image details, and impressive contrasts with his television screen. This screen has 8 million pixels resolution which is in fact four times greater than those of the 1080P. The quality of the image is just breathtaking!

MEMC 120: All the images are designed to flow and transition smoothly from one image to another. This smooth transition is made possible by the Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation. If you are a lover of fast-moving actions and movies, this indeed is the screen not to overlook.

UHD Upscaling: You can also upscale or upgrade your screen from the ordinary high definition to the extra-ordinary ultra-high definition technology respectively. You will do this by use of the advanced video chipset. This converts the standard definition (SD) to the high definition (HD), or the Full High Definition (FHD) technologies, respectively.


  • Allows you to control up to 15 related devices using only one remote
  • Secures all the contents with copyright
  • Reduces you clutter by reason of incorporating several functionalities
  • Streams up to 60 frames per second
  • Connects to all the UHD devices such as game consoles, blu-ray devices, and laptops


  • Lacks some elegant features
  • Backed by less generous warranty
  • Not so reputable brand

Summary: Well, put your worry of clutters to an end by simply opting for this screen. Given that you may also upgrade it to a higher technology; you will also save greatly on maintenance costs in the long run.

2. Samsung UN65MU6300 (Smooth action)

Operating a complicated television screen of this kind is potentially cumbersome and complicated. To assure yourself of smooth services at all time, you definitely want a screen that is simple and easy to operate as possible. This indeed is that kind of a television screen.

Samsung UN65MU6300 Review
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UHD Resolution: TMaximize your viewing experience courtesy of this screen’s Ultra High Definition. The screen has four times higher number of pixels than the ordinary full HD screen. This gives rise to sharper images that are not ambiguous at all. This makes it suited for panorama scenes.

Incredible Fluid Motion: It further enhances the pace at which fast-moving actions are displayed on your screen. It does have the Motion Rate 120 feature which implements this particular provision. You will be able to spot those tiny details that take place in otherwise fast sporting or movie actions.

Immersive Viewing: With this screen, you will be able to clearly see even the darkest and most obscure images perfectly well. This is made possible by this immersive viewing feature. Why would you want to look elsewhere for those richer details other than this set?


  • Produces pure and vibrant colors which let you view the images realistically
  • Generates images of comparatively higher resolution
  • Lets you enjoy the benefits of smooth actions on faster moving contents
  • Requires no manual programming or controls
  • Communicates seamlessly with like-minded devices


  • Not for low-income earners
  • Requires extra investments and attachments to return optimal results
  • Lack of manual programming capability is a bit risky in case the remote disappears

Summary: Due to its simplicity of use, this screen is indeed the one for you if you are not so skilled in operating complex screens. Its picture quality is also superb. You will, therefore, enjoy the dual benefits of simplicity of use and higher picture quality at a time.

3. LG 65UJ7700 (True Colour Accuracy)

Different viewers have different tastes and preferences. For you to maximize your viewing experience, you are better off with a screen that is customizable. This basically means that you can alter its settings to suit your unique expectations. This indeed is that kind of television set.

LG Electronics 65UJ7700
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A La Carte: As has already been hinted, this screen allows you to personalize it to meet your unique preferences. By reason of the existence of this feature, you will be able to filter those channels that do not suit you or your household. It also enables you to derive a higher degree of satisfaction.

IPS Technology: This technology makes use of the in-plane switching. It does so to deliver to you rich colors as well as the strong contrast ratio. These remain constant even at wider viewing angles. For this reason, you can view the screen from whichever seating position or angle you so desire.

True Color Accuracy: Since most source colors have certain distortions, they have to be rectified for perfect viewability. This television set achieves that using this True Color Accuracy feature. It gives rise to vibrant and lifelike colors that are great to behold indeed. You can never enjoy your movies well without this screen!


  • Produces images of true color accuracy
  • Grants you access to premium contents quickly and easily
  • Produces images in exceptional HDR quality
  • Generates a billion rich colors
  • Gives rise to more natural and vibrant movies


  • Only for premium contents
  • Quite expensive to maintain
  • A bit weighty (weighs 53.8 pounds/24 kg)

Summary: Would you want to filter out adult contents for your household? Do you want to view only those images and programs that are relevant to your liking? If you answered yes, your choice is limited to this screen only.

4. TCL 65C807 (Energy Star)

Is your search for the right 4k television largely inspired by high picture quality? If you answered yes, then this screen is indeed your best bet. It is specifically engineered for maximum picture quality. This is by reason of incorporating several elegant features.

TCL 65C807
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Dolby Vision HDR Technology : Its picture performance is made possible by a combination of advanced technologies, premium HDR feature, and Dolby Vision. They jointly offer you superior contrasts as well as brighter and highly accurate colors. Its colors closely mirror those of humans as a matter of fact.

Contemporary Design: In all, the screen features contemporary design. This comes in the form of the C-Series which incorporates sleek lines. This, in turn, creates a very great look regardless of whether it is on or off. Its metallic trim frame further enhances its overall outlook.

Powerful Mobile App: The benefit of unparalleled convenience further awaits you by reason that you can convert your smartphone into a remote control, external speaker, or to share music. Simply download the powerful mobile app to make this dream become a reality. The app may even allow you to share contents to and from the screen.


  • Generates pictures that are of extremely high quality
  • Reduces the likelihoods of motion blurs courtesy of the high refresh rate
  • Its super-simple and advanced remote control provides for easy navigation
  • Allows for voice search
  • Accompanied by a headphone jack that allows for private listening


  • Potentially complicated to a less-skilled user
  • Takes up plenty of space
  • May not offer much yield to those in tiny houses

Summary: You have no other 65-inch screen to look up to in case your search for a good screen is dictated by the need for higher picture quality. This television screen is indeed fully equipped to guarantee this.

5. Sony XBR65X750D (Works with Alexa)

For maximum enjoyment of movies and shows, the simplicity of use and high picture quality must be present. A screen that is able to exude these two great features and functionalities is by all means called for. This screen is perhaps the most outstanding example of such an electronic device.

Sony XBR65X750D
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High Dynamic Range (HDR): This is the sum total of the picture quality of the television screen. It incorporates exceptional details, perfect color and contrast options, and a wide variety of brightness. On the whole, the final qualities of the images closely resemble those of the real-life objects.

Motionflow Feature : Given that various images move at different paces, their pace of motion ought to be regulated to ensure smooth flows and even transitions. This is the need that the Motionflow feature aims at meeting. It does so by reason of exuding a higher refresh rate.

Home Automation control: You will lastly enjoy the benefit of enhanced usability and convenience of use. This is due to the existence of this home automation control feature. It basically lets you operate as many related devices as possible by use of only one remote control unit.


  • Simpler to navigate and change channels thanks to the voice command feature
  • Enjoy optimized and extremely bright colors
  • Can connect to and receive contents from smartphones
  • Accesses and views contents from several Google Play apps
  • Displays fast-moving pictures smoothly


  • Relatively obsolete and out of fashion
  • Lacks several up-to-date features
  • Not so prestigious to possess

Summary: There you have it! This screen is your ultimate answer if your primary preoccupation is the convenience of use. As you can see, it is indeed handy to engage due to the greatly simplified means of so doing. Go for it, to free yourself from unnecessary hassles!

How to use 4K TV?

The following top tips will help you to utilize your screen well:

Step 1. Set up Correctly

Be sure to set up the screen correctly. Read the manufacturer’s manual carefully and adhere to the laid down instructions to the letter. You may wish to call in an expert to help you out in case you have any doubts.

Step 2. Fix the Screen on the Wall

The wall is by far the most desirable place to fix the screen. This is because it is more stable and safer. Children and other occupants of your room are less likely to interfere with the screen or damage it altogether when mounted on the wall.

Step 3. Set aside an Optimal Viewing Distance

Since these screens are larger in size, you have to sit farther away from them to be able to view the images correctly. Bear this in mind as well as you install or mount the screen. Inquire from the manufacturer the optimal or recommended distance between the screen and the seat.

Step 4. Attach External Speakers

To obtain higher sound quality, you have to attach external speakers such as the woofer or the home theater system. This is because the interior or built-in speakers are less powerful and audible as their external counterparts.

Step 5. Use only 4k-compatible Peripherals

In order to further enhance your overall experience; be sure to attach only 4k-compatible peripheral devices. This is to enhance the smooth flow of information between these gadgets and to minimize any distortions that may naturally arise.

Step 6. Switch off Mains Electricity Outlets

Whenever you are no longer using the devices, switch off the mains electricity outlets or supplies. These devices are generally sensitive to surges in the quantity of electricity. They are more likely to sustain damages if left exposed.

The Final Words (Summary)

It is our hope that you have found our review above quite informative and eye-opening. Indeed each of the five best 65 inch 4K TV under $1000 dollars, we have reviewed above is outstanding in its own right. Any of them taken at random will indeed confer to you great benefits notwithstanding their differences in prices.

We now encourage you to go ahead and purchase at least one. In case you are spoilt for choice or lack any in your mind, we highly recommend the LG Electronics 65-Inch 4K Smart LED TV. It is durable and more comprehensive than all the remaining sets. You will, therefore, most likely derive a higher degree of satisfaction from it. What are you waiting for? Place your order right away!

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