7 Best 5 Cup Coffee Makers In 2019

(best 5-cup coffee maker) Zojirushi EC DAC50
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Do you have a family that loves coffee? Have you been seeking information concerning the best coffee makers that can handle all their concerns at a time? You have indeed landed on just the right page if you answered in the affirmative. We are here to help you get started out well in this.

We have sampled seven of the best 5 cup coffee makers on the market today. We are going to review them and also provide a brief guide on how to arrive at perhaps the best purchasing decision. It is our hope that you will receive the insight you need to make the most informed decision.

A Quick Look At The Top Rated 5-Cup Coffee Makers

Zojirushi EC DAC50Zojirushi
Hario TechnicaHario
Kenmore 80509Kenmore
SharkNinja CF091SharkNinja
Holstein Housewares H-0911501Holstein Housewares

7 Best 5 Cup Coffee Makers Reviewed

1. Zojirushi EC DAC50

Do you have limited storage space at your disposal? If you do, this is the coffee maker you might want to try your hand on. It measures a paltry 6 thick by 8-7/8 inches wide by 10-5/8 inches tall. As such, it is compact enough to fit even the most limited storage spaces.

Zojirushi EC DAC50
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650-watt Drip Coffeemaker – Topping its list of most awesome features is the tough motor power. Its motor has the ability to generate an impressive 650 watts of torque. This brews up to 5 cups of coffee within the shortest time possible. This is not to mention also that the results of the crushing are also fine and smooth.

Filter Cone – A filter cone sits inside the decanter and makes it possible for the maker to be more compact and easier to utilize. The filter is also pretty effective at sieving the contents to give rise to some smooth and unadulterated coffee outcomes. You have the pleasure of simplified operations and use for your taking.

Compact Construction – Lastly, the coffee maker also features some compact construction. This is basically made possible, by the fact that the cone basket is enclosed in the glass carafe rather than outside it. You will subsequently find the machine pretty simple and convenient to carry around. You will not struggle to make this a reality.

  • Has a concealed and removable water reservoir
  • Possesses an automatic keep-warm function for reduced attention
  • Replaceable water filter guarantees smooth outcomes
  • Comes along with a measuring spoon and user manual
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Low capacity
  • Delicate glass casing
  • A bit noisy while making coffee

Summary: If you have limited storage space at your disposal, this is a coffee maker not to underestimate. You definitely have to make it a topmost priority for your applications.

2. COSTWAY 23229 CYPE 

Do you change locations every quite often? You want a light, compact, and easy to use coffee maker if you are such kind of a person. Perhaps no other coffee machine enables you to brew your favorite coffee just about anywhere as this one. You will find it great for travels, business trips, and offices.

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Water Level Indicator – You will not have to hit or miss the water levels. It does come along with some water level indicators which keeps you posted of the quantities of water at any given time. This accuracy ensures that you bring about the most desired qualities of coffee output at any given time.

Removable Filter Basket – Its filter basket, unlike most of the other coffee makers, is removable. This trait makes it possible for you to clean and maintain the basket. Cleanliness is absolutely necessary as it eliminates germs and other forms of contaminations that might normally jeopardize your health and stature. Your health is thus well taken care of.

Non-stick Carafe – The carafe which keeps the brewed coffee does not stick. This further contributes to the cleanliness of the coffee maker as it sees to it that only limited debris is left behind. It also goes a long way in keeping the coffee warm after a successful brewing session.

  • Shuts off automatically after one hour of operations to save you energy
  • Has a pause-and-pour function to expedite your coffee making undertaking
  • Shields the coffee from leaking while in the process of being made
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your room courtesy of a beautiful finish
  • Compact and portable enough to carry around everywhere
  • Larger space requirements
  • Not so energy efficient
  • Quite complicated to engage with ease

Summary: Solve your problem of shifting locations every now and then by acquiring this particular coffee maker. You badly want it for your next business trip or remote office use.

3.  Hario Technica

Do you own a restaurant? You might want to give this particular coffee maker a try if you answered in the affirmative. Even though it has a 5-cup capacity, it is nevertheless easier to use and able to churn out huge quantities of coffee at a time. This stems from its faster operations.

Hario Technica
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Heat-resistant Borosilicate Glass – The heat-resistant Borosilicate glass constitutes the burner, the lower and the upper bowls. This construction means that your coffee brewer remains stable and reliable at all times. They perform much better under all conditions of use and also inflict fewer dangers to you in the course of handling the appliance.

Stainless Steel Frame – Its frame, which comprises the burner cover, stand, and the filters come in the form of the stainless steel material. This material is pretty resistant to the dangers of corrosion, torsion, curvature, and other forms of deterioration. You, therefore, have the pleasure of greatly reduced operational and maintenance.

Brass Fasteners and Windbreak Aluminum – Closing the list of its awesome features is the windbreak Aluminum and the brass fasteners. These two are pretty tough and reliable. They are also reliable as they hardly fidget or break apart even when they are subjected to the most intense of physical forces or impacts.

  • Produces great flavor which might be prepared and tasted at home
  • Beautifully-crafted to guarantee you awesome beauty and décor
  • Perfectly suited for an expert cup of coffee
  • Recognizable brand by Coffee Geeks worldwide
  • Impressive 5-cup coffee capacity
  • Measures a whopping 16.3 inches tall by 4.9 inches wide by 6.5 inches thick
  • Weighs a whopping 3.09 pounds (1.4 kg)
  • Too delicate to handle with ease

Summary: For your mass production coffee tasks, you have no worthier companion than this one. Its awesome speed of coffee making and faster operations make these dreams a reality.

4. Kenmore 80509

Are you a busy lover of coffee? You definitely want a coffee maker that requires limited attention. This can only happen if the said coffee maker possesses a host of automated features. No other machine beats this one insofar as this particular feature and capability are concerned. Try it out as a first priority!

Kenmore 80509
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Compact Size and Construction – This coffee maker comes in some compact size and construction. This trait makes it possible for you to handle, transport and store the device with relative ease. You will subsequently find the maker quite suited for the apartments, offices, condominiums, and other extremely small spaces. This is not to mention that it is also easier to transport.

Programmable Controls – A set of programmable controls exist on the appliance. They basically let you set the various parameters of the coffee brewing. These arrangements eliminate the need to be individually physically present throughout the coffee preparation process. You, therefore, have more than ample time to pursue other chores that equally matter in the meantime.

Reusable Metal-screen Filter – To further expedite the use and cleanliness of the machine, there comes a reusable metal-screen filter. Being reusable, the filter reduces the amounts of debris which are deposited on it. It also greatly improves the taste of the coffee considerably. This way, you get to enjoy the benefit of ease of maximum ease of cleanliness.

  • Allows you to make up to 5 cups at once
  • 24-Hour programmable controls enable you to set it way in advance
  • Metal filter negates the need for paper filters and allows more of the coffee oils and flavors to seep through
  • Pause and serve function makes it possible for you to derive a cup before completing the exercise
  • 2-hour auto shut-off safety feature switches the maker off automatically after two hours of no attention
  • Too delicate to handle
  • Kenmore brand is not so durable
  • Develops fewer coffee varieties

Summary: Get hold of this coffee machine and enjoy the benefit of not having to spend too much of your time to prepare the coffee. The benefit of smoother operations and save time are yours to gain!

5. SharkNinja CF091

For your maximum convenience, you want to acquire an appliance that can make numerous delicious coffee recipes at a time. Perhaps no other appliance has the ability to do so better than this one. It is highly versatile and hence well able to handle as numerous chores and coffee preparations as possible.

SharkNinja CF091
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Pod-free Single-serve and Carafe Brewing – These two features jointly allow you to enjoy unlimited coffee varieties. They basically make this possible by enabling you to personalize your coffee drinks as per your expectations. It is this particular trait that sets the machine apart from the others and enhances your experience and utility.

Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology – It also extracts flavor from coffee in ways that ordinary machines cannot. This is courtesy of the Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology. The technology makes use of the heat to do the task of extracting flavors. This way, it contributes to unlocking the full flavor potential of the ground coffee.

Built-in Frother – Other than merely brewing the coffee, the machine also has the ability to create some form on top of the outcomes. This is made possible by the built-in frother. It is able to handle both the hot and the cold frothing capabilities pretty well. The pleasure of awesome outcomes is thus yours to leverage.

  • Generates Specialty Brew which is super-rich concentrate that combines well with frothed milk
  • Creates bold and decadent coffeehouse-style drinks whether hot, cold, layered or blended
  • Gives you the power to unlock the full flavor potential of the favorite ground coffee
  • Entitles you to some hot and great- tasting brews courtesy of variable levels of richness
  • Grants you some unlimited coffee varieties and personal customization of the coffee drinks
  • Requires some huge muscle power to carry around
  • Calls for some great storage spaces
  • Backed by an in-comprehensive 90-day warranty

Summary: Take hold of this coffee maker and access a whole world of delicious coffee varieties. You also have the pleasure of simplified use and construction by leveraging it.


Are you short on cash yet would still want to leverage awesome coffee flavors? If you answered ‘yes’ to the above question, do get hold of this coffee machine. It is by far the cheapest of all under our consideration but is nevertheless equally reliable and ready for use.

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Ergonomic Carafe – Topping the charts of its most reliable features is the ergonomic carafe. This component of the coffee brewer basically makes it simpler and more convenient for you to handle the equipment. With regards to this, you will enjoy some fair degree of comfort necessary for uninterrupted and enjoyable applications.

Sneak-a-Cup Feature – With this particular coffee maker, you do not have to wait till the conclusion of the coffee making undertaking to be able to enjoy your cup of coffee. The sneak-a-cup feature lets you interrupt the coffee making process to guarantee you some output. It also leaves no mess behind as a result of this.

Easy-Clean Removable Filter Basket – Making the filter basket clean is not so much of an uphill task at all. This is because the filter basket is easily removable to enable you to easily keep cleaning. Other than this, the filter basket is also compatible with the basket-style paper filters and is also safe to use in the dishwashers.

  • Comes in a space-saving compact design
  • Great for apartments, dormitories, and smaller coffee appetites
  • Does not require any paper filters
  • Simpler to keep clean and manage
  • Allows for easy controls and engagement
  • Too brittle to handle with confidence
  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance
  • Too manual for smooth operations

Summary: If you have less cash at your disposal, do give this one a topmost priority. It is well within your affordable range and is thus a great place to start out.

7. Holstein Coffee Maker

Lastly, comes this particular coffee maker. It is mainly intended for morning use. You will, by making use of it, access some flavorful cup of coffee which you may not really obtain elsewhere. It also fits nicely in the kitchens and is, therefore, a comparatively convenient companion in the kitchen.

Holstein Housewares H-0911501
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Lighted Indicator Button – You will clearly see and get posted on the progress of the coffee making at all times. This is courtesy of the lighter indicator button. By reason of this arrangement, you will say goodbye to any inaccuracies and other forms of ‘hit or miss.’ You are therefore guaranteed some awesome feedbacks in the process.

Removable Filter Basket – This coffee maker uses some 1-4 cup basket style filters to sieve the coffee and leave behind some fine texture. These filters are further accompanied by a removable filter basket. They jointly make it possible for you to enjoy high-quality brews and outcomes. Other than this, they are also easier to keep clean.

5-cup Capacity – With the ability to make a whopping five cups of coffee at a time, the machine enables you to satisfy the needs of an entire family with ease. You will not have to go through so many hassles to get the job done. It also takes comparatively less time to have the job done.

  • Clearly-marked durable glass carafe allows for precise measurements
  • Heats the water automatically to give off optimal brewing temperatures
  • Brews aromatic coffee in a matter of minutes
  • Has an easy-fill water reservoir that requires less effort to fill
  • The removable filter basket is simpler to keep clean
  • High power consumption inflates your electricity bills
  • Too tedious to keep clean
  • Nondescript appearance

Summary: If you are a lover of morning coffee, this is the appliance to place your bet on. You will definitely enjoy your morning brews without much struggle at all.

How To Choose A Coffee Maker

Coffee Flavor – What flavor of coffee are you interested in generating? Coffee flavors come in different shades and forms. These are the espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, and so on. It is necessary that you match the coffee machine with the flavor you are interested in generating. This is to avoid any mismatch.

Capacity – How much coffee do you plan to produce at any given time? Just like the differences in flavors, the different coffee makers also possess different capacities. It is yet again necessary to acquire one that has the ability to brew the said quantities of brews. The logic here is to guarantee the utmost reliability.

Brewing Time – How long does the machine take to brew the coffee? You do not want to wait for too long before deriving the brews you so desperately yearn for. This is why you badly want one that can bring about the desired outcomes within the shortest realistic time possible.

Space Availability – Given that you do not use these appliances every quite often, you will have to store them for a prolonged duration of time. It is for this reason that you have to set aside some generous storage space. Be sure to have this space first and foremost before embarking on the task of finding one for your use.

The Final Words (Summary)

Now that you have received the necessary insight and guidance, why don’t you now go ahead and make a purchase as well? All you have to do is find one of the best 5-cup coffee maker we have reviewed above and then place a purchasing order.

You do not want to drag your feet at all in this as the benefits are too plenty to be ignored or downplayed. It is also wise to share this information as far wide as possible to let as many others make gains from it. All the best in your next coffee-making venture!