5 Best 4k Monitor For PS4 Pro In 2023

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Are you a gaming enthusiast who is on the lookout for the best monitor for the job? We are pleased to let you know that you have arrived at just the right place. Our team of topnotch researchers has identified and compiled a list of the Best 4k Monitor for PS4 Pro available at the moment.

In our review here under, we are going to lay bare the features and the advantages that each monitor has in stock. It is our hope that you shall be able to lay your hand on the most suitable monitor at the tail end of our discussions.

A Quick Look at the Top 4k Monitor for PS4 Pro

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5 Best 4k Monitor For PS4 Pro Reviewed

1. LG 27UK850-W 27″ 4K Monitor

Serious gamers require a monitor that similarly contains serious features. Look to no other monitor than this one. Of particular fact is that it gives you the leeway to customize the settings that are unique and applicable to you alone. This makes it quite handy for all kinds of applications.

(Best 4k Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X) LG 27UK850-W
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sRGB 99 Color Gamut: Its color reproduction faculty stands out particularly. This comes in the form of the sRGB. It is this one that currently forms the standard color space by way of managing ideal color reproduction. Further to that, the monitor also manages well over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum.

Virtually Borderless Display : Unlike your standard monitor, the edges of the images that are displayed by this monitor are smooth and borderless. This stems mainly from the ultra-thin bezel that exists on the three sides of this streamlined display. Thanks to this display, the images are truly gorgeous and devoid of any distractions.

USB Type-C Connectivity: To stream contents into the monitor, you have the USB Type-C connectivity for your leverage. This port simultaneously charges the devices you attach. Moreover, it also allows for a seamless transfer of data regardless of the degree of the bulk of complexity. Thus, it works to minimize the clutter of the cords.

On-Screen Control: A host of essential monitor settings do exist on the screen. Through these controls, it is possible for you to vary the picture modes, brightness, volume, and even split the screen. All you have to do is hover your mouse atop the surface and click. No more hard buttons that other monitors use!

  • Delivers supremely accurate color outputs
  • Its images are viewable from angles
  • Compatible with many like-minded electronics
  • Displays contents from a variety of sources
  • Comes about in a sleek smooth design
  • Slightly delicate
  • Requires tender care and support
  • Ill-prepared for any fidgeting

Summary: You have no better companion if you aspire to be a serious gamer. This monitor has all the trappings you need to do a better job.

2. BenQ EL2870U

Desirous of quality picture output? Well, the monitor you choose to work with has to accommodate the High Dynamic Range (HDR) and the Cinema HDR Mode. Only this monitor incorporates both technologies in one compact package. The two play the role of mimic the real-life colors of the objects.

BenQ EL2870U
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Ultra-Slim Design: Overall, the monitor is truly slim in nature. Thus, it is able to fit the smallest spaces available. In this way, it does not require that you set aside too much space to mount. Notwithstanding this, the monitor is able to deliver powerful functionality. Thus, it also expedites the transportation of the gadget altogether.

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology : Its picture output is facilitated by the Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology. Thanks to this technology, the gadget strikes a balance between the vibrancy and contrasts of the pictures. In doing so, it minimizes eye strains and the irritations that arise with prolonged and continued use.

Soothing Warm White Color : Also arising from this monitor is the soothingly warm white color output. This is largely made possible by the Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology we have talked of above. The technology detects the ambient brightness and responds appropriately by adjusting the display settings. All these make for comfort and productivity.

Smart Focus : If you want to behold certain details within the picture as a whole, you will yet again make use of the smart focus component. This component highlights the window and the area of your concern. In this way, you get to up your focus and concentration appropriately.

AMD FreeSync for Intense Gaming : In the course of your gaming, you will similarly get to enjoy ultra-smooth experiences. The AMD FreeSync technology is the one that is responsible for this. It serves to cut down the broken frames, image tearing, and the choppy gameplay. All these also manage higher refresh rates.

  • Manages a truly high resolution
  • Cares and comforts your eyes considerably
  • Adjusts the levels of brightness for comfortable viewing
  • Gives off truly vivid images
  • Comes with its own speakers and headphones
  • Higher power consumption
  • Costly to come by and operationalize
  • Too weak to bear strong forces

Summary: No other appliance may guarantee your quality picture output better than this gadget. You have it for your consideration for such a feat to be realized.

3. Samsung UH850

Prolonged and regular viewing of images comes with the added disadvantage of compromising the health of your eyes. You cannot rely on the ordinary monitor for such a feat. Instead, you want one that saves or has the potential to save your eyes from the associated damages. Look to no other screen than this.

Samsung UH850
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UH850 Series UHD Monitor: Its monitor comes about in the form of the Samsung UH850 Series UHD. Thanks to this formulation, the screen manages to deliver an exceptional balance of productivity and picture output. You will find it particularly awesome for the programmers, photographers and engineers alike. This is due to the vivid picture outputs.

31.5-inch Screen: The screen measures the impressive 31.5 inches. This is further complemented by the revolutionary 4K UHD resolution. Thanks to this arrangement, the screen is well able to yield images with higher details and legibility. It is also large enough to make do with on the desktop for those applications that are strenuous.

Quantum Dot (Q-LED) Technology: A Quantum Dot (Q-LED) Technology also comes in handy with this gadget. The technology basically manages to mimic the true natural colors of the images it displays. In fact, it showcases a whopping 125% of the sRGB color space. You can never get wrong with this piece of equipment at all.

On-board USB Hub : Also coming along is the USB hub. The hub comprises some four USB 3.0 ports. These ports confer an added two convenient side accessible ports that also operate the fast-charge technology. You will hence enjoy the benefit of charging your devices at the same time as transmitting the data output.

  • Yields extremely sharp and color-rich details
  • Pairs and transmits data with many gadgets
  • Mounts on the walls for convenient displays
  • Adjusts to allow for varied viewing angles
  • Swivels, tilts, and bends to allow for angular viewing
  • Demands plenty of mounting space
  • Easily damaged when in a cramped up space
  • Quite strenuous to keep clean

Summary: Alright, for your prolonged views, you have no worthier companion than this one. It does have all the trappings necessary for you to see your images for a longer amount of time.


Want to enjoy some immersive gaming experiences? No other screen is as suited for this feat as this one. It does come about in a distinctively curved stature that beams the images from all angles. In this way, it allows you to completely immerse yourself and behold the images fully.

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Multimedia Juggernaut : The screen is able to handle and accommodate signals from various sources. That is why it is invariably referred to as the multimedia juggernaut. While at it, the screen also captures and generates stunningly high-quality images. The images contain every speck of detail that works to up your viewing experience.

HDR400-ready VA Panel Displays: Its display panel comes in the form of the HDR400-ready VA. This one comprises a whopping 16.7 million color combinations that are availed in the form of the 3000:1 contrast ratio. In total, these two aspects give rise to color-rich outputs that are truly desirous and breathtaking to the eyes.

Extensive Connectivity: We have already hinted out that the monitor is indeed capable of paring and sharing signals with many other like-minded gadgets. To enable this, it makes use of many ports and connectivity options. The three HDMI ports, 3.5mm audio jack, and the Bluetooth connectivity are top examples of these.

In-demand Features: Some in-demand features also exist in this system. Examples of these are the G-Sync-Compatibility, motion-smoothing FreeSync, target-enhancing GAMEPLUS crosshairs, and FPS/RTS display optimization, capability. These allow you to enjoy precise image outcomes that are beyond the reach of many other monitors. They also zoom specific segments of the images at a time.

  • Suitable for teleconferencing undertakings
  • Streams contents from the internet as well
  • Its images accord smooth transitions and boundaries
  • Experiences no dead pixels while in use
  • The audio output is simply spectacular!
  • Prone to signal interferences
  • A simple user will find it pretty complicated
  • Has to be viewed from afar off

Summary: The curved nature of this screen allows for immersive viewing of the images. It is a great one to choose when you have to enjoy an equally immersive viewing experience.

5. Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q

Have many tasks and purposes at a time? The monitor you select no doubt has to possess the ability to multitask. No other gadget besides this one is able to yield that very end. That stems from the multitasking capability. Added to this is the benefit of keeping your room appropriately organized.

Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q
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Incredibly Thin Bezels : It does have some incredibly thin bezels. These ones make it possible for you to fix in place many monitors simultaneously. They also deliver exceptional details that lead to ultimate efficiency. In all the bezels have the ability to mount the 27-inch 4K screen firmly in place.

Multi-monitor Setup: Due to the ultra-thin nature of the monitors, it is possible for you to bundle quite a number of them in one comprehensive packaging. This arrangement allows for the impacting of larger spaces or many people in an audience perfectly. In this way, it exudes seamless views and experiences.

Strikingly Realistic Image Output: Overall, the screen delivers strikingly realistic image output. It makes use of the High Dynamic Range technology to display the picture output. Thanks to this technology, the monitor is able to yield an awesome depth of colors that similarly bear remarkable clarity. Thus, the images mimic real-life objects.

Highly Versatile : The monitor is able to connect to six like-minded devices principally via the Bluetooth 4.0 and the radio frequency data transmission capability. Thanks to this versatility, it is able to perform well and expedite the transmission of data. It is this trait in fact that allows for multitasking.

  • Supports many connectivity options
  • Attaches to many devices
  • Negates the need for separate Ethernet cables
  • Meets the prevailing HDMI standards
  • Supports bandwidths of up to 18 Gigabytes per second
  • Requires many accessories to operationalize
  • Clutters your workspace potentially
  • Quite complicated to a beginner

Summary: Notwithstanding the many shortcomings, this is a good one for multitasking applications. Pick and devote it to your next applications that entail the use of many gadgets.

Things to Consider When Buying a 4k Monitor for PS4 Pro

Screen Size : The size of the screen should be at the top of your concern. A good screen ought to be large enough to deliver equally larger images. Larger screens also impede or negate the possibilities of straining to be able to behold the images clearly. Be mindful though of the space available in your room.

Resolution: This refers to the quality of the pictures. It is designated in pixels or dots per inch. There is a direct correlation between the resolution and the picture quality. A higher resolution signifies greater quality and vice versa. A good monitor has to possess the highest resolution attainable at any given time.

Connectivity: For your own convenience, you want a monitor that is able to draw its signal input from many sources. This can only happen if the monitor in question supports multiple connectivity options. You should also be mindful of the other devices as they might not support the same connectivity options as your monitor of choice.

Power Consumption: For these electronics to be able to deliver on their expectations, they have to draw their power from various sources. The rate of power consumption also counts. You should hence ensure that the monitor consumes moderate levels of power input. Then again, it has to deliver higher power output in return.

Applications: What exactly do you want the monitor to do for you? Do you merely want to enjoy movies, gaming, programming or audio contents? It is necessary yet again to delineate your unique purposes precisely. This way, it will be possible for you to know the one that would most likely suit your needs.

Audio Output: Other than merely displaying images, these monitors also deliver the corresponding audio outputs. Thus, it is also a good idea to factor the audio output of the precise monitor you have your eyes on. Needless to say, the audio output has to be pretty high and clear.

Longevity and Frequency of Use: How long and how often do you plan to make use of the monitor? Monitors for frequent or regular usage have to be extremely tough and durable. That is because of the pace of wear and tear increases with increased use. Any alternative would do for one time applications or irregular use.

Cost: Lastly, you must also factor the cost implications. You should compare the many monitors in the market to be able to arrive at the one that comes at the cheapest possible costs. Also, time your purchase in such a way as to coincide with peak sales seasons. That way, you will also leverage the hot discounts that are provided for at such times.

The Final Words (Summary)

Our reviews of the Best 4k Monitors for PS4 Pro comes to an end there. We are now left with no option but to wish you well in your search for the most suitable gadget for your use. To do this, adhere strictly to the guidelines we have delineated above.

It also pays to speak to a number of persons who have attempted the gadgets before. That way, it will be similarly easier for you to arrive at the most suitable purchase. If you get stuck along the way, come speak to us. We will offer more advice and guidance!