8 Best 144Hz Monitors in 2023 [4k & Gaming]

Any gamer will desire to have the best possible gaming monitor for an unparalleled gaming experience. A good gaming monitor will give you an immersive feel while you are in your game sessions. In general, gaming monitors are available in various specs and designs. In the recent times, the 144Hz gaming monitors are gaining popularity among the gamers.

These monitors are specifically designed for the fast paced games like CS: GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), Starcraft, Call of Duty, etc. This article focuses on the 144Hz gaming monitors. Firstly let us see the comparison table & then discuss the importance of 144Hz monitors after reviewing the nine best 144Hz monitors.

What is 144hz Monitor?

The refresh rate of a monitor is the number of times its display gets refreshed in a second to show any image. As you may have already guessed, 144Hz monitor refers to the refresh rate of the monitor. That is, the monitor’s display is refreshed 144 times per second to portray an image. This high value of the monitor’s refresh rate means that the images are more accurate and sharp.

8 Best 144Hz monitors reviewed

1. Acer ED273

The Acer gaming monitor is designed to be very slim in size. It comes with a unique shaped stand. This makes the monitor fit well in almost any place at your home. The performance is outstanding with its greater resolution and refresh rates. The monitor has a resolution of 1920×1080 with sharp details of images. It is a favorable monitor for multimedia, productivity other than the HD gaming. The NVIDIA G-SYNC enhances the smooth and tear-free and making it ideal for pro gaming and home entertainment.

Acer ED273 Abidpx
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The image quality is far superior with the amazing contrast ratio of 100 million:1. This will give you a sharp and crystal clear output of images, be it white or black. The response time of 4ms makes sure that the transition times are reduced. The monitor works well in bringing immersive graphical displays in all your usages (games, movies, etc). The monitor is designed with LCD display technology. It is eco-friendly and saves up to 68% power. This means that you will have a reduced electricity bill. Adding to this, the monitor uses the display port with 144Hz refresh rate. This makes the monitor safe for you.


  • It is free of flickers.
  • The screen size is great.
  • The display is excellent.
  • It is affordable in price.


  • The stand is a bit wobbly

Summary: As we saw, this gaming monitor has some of the best features like sharper resolution and crystal-clear image quality. This gaming monitor also features an eco-friendly construction. So, you will be benefitted in terms of electricity bills if you plan to invest in this gaming monitor.

2. Acer XG270HU

Acer XG is the 27” widescreen monitor and it WQHD frame resolution (2560 x 1440) that presenting high quality images and details of videos. This product also gives you outstanding visual enjoyment. Its signal inputs have 1x DVI, 1 x HDMI 2.0 and 1x display port.

Acer XG270HU
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Acer XG has AMD free sync system and this technology helps you to maximize games frame rate by your graphics card. Its refresh rate don’t fix by monitor that’s why you get very smooth and clear gaming experiences. Its first response rate is 1ms that also helps you to watch high resolution and spread games and scene. This awesome monitor price is under 500 that really cheap. You can see more detail reviews and exact price from Amazon.

3. BenQ ZOWIE XL2731

BenQ gaming monitor has various interesting features for the players. Along with the 144Hz refresh rate, it comes with color vibrancy. The color performance is improved with 20 levels of color vibrancy settings. The settings are easily accessible with this gaming monitor. For instance, the S switch can be used for switching between various game modes. You can even change the preset and navigation settings for different usages like reading, watching, surfing, gaming, etc with ease.

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Like any other gaming monitor, this also comes with an enhanced visibility. The black equalizer improves the brightness of the darker scenes of a game, at the same time maintains the brightness of the brighter areas of the game. The monitor comes with the adjustable stand that can be adjusted heightwise. You can even operate it with just a finger. So, you can place the monitor at your convenient angle with lesser efforts.

This BenQ monitor comes with zero flicker technology. This feature protects your eyes from strain or fatigue from extended game plays. It also makes sure that you concentrate well on your games by reducing the light reflections from the monitor.


  • The viewing angles are great.
  • The stand is flexible.
  • The resolution is great.
  • The menus are easily accessible.


  • It lacks USB 3.0 ports.

Summary: This BenQ gaming monitor has more than just games. It comes with various beneficial features for all the users. As it also comes with protective features, you can place your trust on this product with confidence.

4. ViewSonic XG2401

This ViewSonic gaming monitor comes with full HD and packed with all the necessary features any gaming monitor should have. It comes with 144Hz along with the VESA adaptive-sync connectivity for the best refreshing capability.

ViewSonic xg2401 Review
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The AMD FreeSync technology along with the VESA connectivity synchronizes the frame output between the graphics card and the monitor. This makes sure that the refresh rate happens in a dynamic manner. This dynamic refresh rate completely eliminates any blurs or tears in the images to deliver a smooth gameplays. The response time is ultra-fast which is about 1ms. This faster response time helps in the smoother delivery of the images free of any streaks, blurs, etc.

You will find a great difference in the response time of the gaming monitor with all your games. The monitor has a built-in process reducer. The built-in process reducer decreases the lag or delay among the inputs like the mouse, keyboard, etc. This will reduce the overall input lag, which is favorable for all the intense games. The black stabilization in this gaming monitor selectively improves the visibility of the dark scenes in the games. This helps you to fight back the enemies effectively.


  • It is robust in construction.
  • The stand is adaptable and sturdy.
  • The response time is quick.
  • The color performance is good.


  • The menus are clumsily placed.

Summary: This gaming monitor is a perfect choice for gamers who want to have an everlasting gaming experience. It comes with advanced features like VESA connectivity, built-in process reducer, black stabilization. All these will boost up your gaming talents.

5. Acer XB240H Abpr

Under 400 Acer released their one of best monitor Acer XB0 24 inch. This monitor has full HD resolution with frame size (1920 x 1080) that presenting, stunning and high quality images and videos. This monitor is really excellent for fast working efficiency and excellent visual enjoyment moment. It signal inputs is 1x in display port.

Acer XB240H Abpr
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Acer XB240H has NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and synchronizes system that monitors refresh rate transferring the GPU render rate smooth and fast, this technology really gives you best gaming experience.

It has fast response time of 1ms enhances in spread gaming time. This 1 ms enhance feature displaying you fast moving action scene and rendering spread games and movies efficiently without any maddening effects. You visit Amazon for more reviews and details.

6. Pixio PX277

The Pixio gaming monitor comes with a perfect resolution (2560×1440) giving you an immersive gaming experience. The amazing refresh rate gives you smoother game sessions with blur-free displays. The 27” display gives you a wider screen and makes this monitor ideal for various other purposes than just games. The wide viewing angle technology facilitates a better viewing of the image at various angles within 178 degrees.

Pixio px277 Review
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It can be viewed from different positions like the top, bottom, right, left. The response time is 4ms and helps in reducing the transition times. The moving images are delivered well to give an immersive graphics in the games. The AMD freesync technology eliminates the broken frames, tears in the games. In select AMD APUs and GPUs, the freesync technology even resolves the communication issues in the processor and the monitor. This will remove the breaks to give smoother game sessions.

The flicker-free technology and the low blue light mode protects your eyes from being strained. These features will help you have successful gaming sessions without the feel of stress on your eyes. The monitor comes with various advanced ports for an enhanced connectivity. Some of them include the displayport, mini displayport, DVI-D, HDMI, headphone out.


  • Its on-screen display is easily navigable.
  • It is affordable.
  • The image quality is great.
  • It improves connectivity.


  • The stand is not sturdy.

Summary: This gaming monitor will be the perfect option for those of you looking for a wider display. Along with the gaming features, it also comes with various protective features. Hence, investing in this monitor will be a wise decision to make.

7. LG 24gm77-b

This gaming monitor from LG comes with a crystal clear display that will lead you to enjoy all your games. With the 144Hz refresh rate, you will have your full concentration on the games rather than the motion blurs.

LG 24gm77 Review
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The response time is amazingly fast, which is about 1ms. The clear motion 240 effectively reduces the motion blurs so that you will not miss even the tiniest movements in the game series. The input lag is minimized with the double action sync. This enables for a real-time action series so that you can catch every moment of your game. The visibility of this 144Hz monitor is exceedingly well. It will enhance the visibility even for the dark scenes of the games. The black stabilizer helps in highlighting the dark portions of the scenes.

Hence, you can easily identify the enemies that intend to attack you and fight back. This LG’s monitor comes with three gaming modes. You can set the mode based on what your games demands. These include the two first-person shooter modes and RTS pre-set mode. The monitor can be adjusted to a convenient position with its ergonomic stand. So, you can place the monitor according to your comfort zone for prolonged gaming sessions.


  • It has a better contrast.
  • It comes with 2 USB ports
  • It has no light leaks.
  • The color display is great.


  • The mount is a bit hassle to adjust.
  • The motion blur cannot be used with DAS-enabled.

Summary: This gaming monitor from LG has some of the best gaming features. It comes with technologies to reduce the motion blur which is the most important criteria for fast-paced games. It also comes with various gaming modes and so, you can play numerous games with this monitor.

8. BenQ XL2411Z

BanQ is one of the best monitor manufacturing companies. BenQ XL2411Z is their one of best product for its 144Hz High refresh rate and also 1ms fast response time that spread high resolution game. These features also help you to play FPS RTS and MOBA game. This monitor has Black eQualizer that provides you best visual clarity in dark scene.

BenQ XL2411Z 144Hz 1ms 24 inch NVIDIA 3D Gaming Monitor
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BenQ XL2411Z monitor has flicker free and low blue light that help you long time practice with less eyestrain in your photo editing and others editing works. Its motion blur reduction boost clearness makes fast gaming facility. Its exclusive FPS is best that co-developed by professional gamers engineer. This monitor is really best for gamer and its price is under 400. In this 144hz monitor reviews, the BenQ is one of the top quality 144hz monitor. So check more customer reviews and price in Amazon.

Does 144hz really make a difference? – Benefits of 144hz Monitor

In the recent times, the need for a gaming monitor with the higher refresh rate has become a mandatory thing. All the fast paced games demand a high profile gaming monitor. With the 144Hz monitor, you will find an enhanced performance in all your games.

The gaming skills will tend to increase with the 144Hz monitor, thanks to its amazing refresh rates. For games like Counter Strike, every movements matter. In such cases, 144Hz monitors are the one that will help in the successful game plays. These monitors have the optimal resolution and input lag for playing any games you like.

Every gamer will enjoy his/her games to the fullest with such a high-performing gaming monitor. In addition, these gaming monitors have an enhanced visibility feature. This helps you to continue your games even under the dark scenarios in the game series.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Having discussed on some of the best 144Hz monitor, you should now be able to decide upon the right purchase. All these monitors are unique in their own ways. Before you make your selection, you should consider various aspects of using them.

First, decide whether you are going to use the monitor only for the game sessions. Some of you might intend to use for entertainment purposes too, along with playing games. Once you are clear with your needs, you can easily cut short the right monitors. We strongly believe that one or the other 144Hz monitor discussed here will meet your needs. Have a great purchase!

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