Asus VS278Q-P Review For 2023

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Individuals who merely utilize their computers for work tasks, do not require a powerful monitor. However, those of us who are heavily invested in multimedia, game play, graphic design and video viewing require a tough monitor, one that can respond to our needs, is beautifully designed as well as durable and dependable.

ASUS is a dependable and quite respected manufacturer of some of the worlds best designed computer hardware, with their monitors being highly sought after by gamers and multimedia artists the world over.

After reading this ASUS VS278Q-P review, we are quite certain that you will find this an admirable contender among monitors.

You May Choose This ASUS Monitor For The Following Key Features:

  • 27-inch Full High Definition LED monitor.
  • Ultra fast 1 millisecond response time.
  • Exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence Technology.
  • 80,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio.
  • Extensive Connectivity for peripherals, game consoles, and mobile devices.
  • QuickFit Technology for images and documents.

Asus VS278Q-P Review with Features

Introduction to the ASUS VS278Q-P Gaming Monitor

The VS278Q-P by ASUS is a Full High Definition LED monitor. This is an absolutely stunning monitor, carefully structured and styled in a modern, sleek and innovative design.

The tough, sturdy metallic stand supports the monitor, and its blend of gloss and matt surface finish with a modern vortex pattern, adds a touch of elegance that belies its high quality performance capabilities.

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It’s also interesting to note that the back of your monitor is made to be fingerprint-proof, which is good to know for gamers who love their chips and soda during Call of Duty.

If you are not particularly tech savvy, no worries with the ASUS, as your ASUS VS278Q-P is designed for ease of use, with easy to access controls.

For your comfort and convenience, the designers at ASUS have made the monitor VESA mountable, so can be removed from the base and mounted on your wall.

This, plus a nice tilting angle of -5 to + 20 degrees, helps to make your extended computer time comfortable and productive. Finally, for added security the ASUS VS278Q-P comes with a Kensington security lock.

Resolution and Response Time

ASUS has always been known as a company capable of building some of the best gaming monitors on the market, so it only stands to reason that if you are looking for image quality that reflects the real world, then you must take a look at the ASUS.

The VS278Q-P 27 inch LCD gaming monitor gives you Full High Definition 1920 x 1080 resolution for excellence in image quality.

ASUS’s own Smart Contrast Ratio technology feature functions to give you the ultimate in real life imagery, and does this by automatically adjusting the monitors backlight.

This 80,000,000:1 Smart Contrast Ratio means more definition in dark colors, which is especially good for games which occur in darker environments, such as Silent Hill.

Gamers, animators and graphic designers who need to render images absolutely must have a fast monitor, no question about it. The ASUS VS278Q-P has an ultra-quick, 1 millisecond response time that matches your own lightening quick reflexes during game play.

Indeed, no matter how great your gaming reflexes are, if the image on the monitor cannot keep up, your gaming style will suffer. A fast monitor also means that you will have little or no ghosting or screen tears when in game play, or viewing videos.

Excellence in Features and Ease of Use

The designers at ASUS have never slacked when it comes to optimizing their monitors for video performance and stability.

Indeed, ASUS’s own Splendid Video Intelligence Technology ensures that your colors, brightness, contrast and sharpness are enhanced for the ultimate in viewing pleasure.

Asus VS278Q-P Review (Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitor under 200)
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Splendid Video Intelligence technology has 6 preset video modes which include: Scenery mode, standard mode, theater mode, night view mode and sRGB mode. For your convenience, these modes can be selected via a hotkey.

If all this isn’t enough, the designers at ASUS created another handy,

Sweet Feature:

  • The ASUS Quick Fit function. This feature allows you to preview a photo or document on the screen, in its actual size.
  • When you do this, you are able to check the color, imagery, and overall formatting of the document or image while you are still working on it.
  • This feature eliminates the need to waste ink and paper used to print out test copies, and makes doing adjustments a cost and time saving process.

Finally, no matter how powerful and fast your monitor, no matter how vibrant the colors, if you cannot customize your display easily your imagery will not satisfy you.

ASUS has made customizing a simple affair, as the colors can be easily altered using an easy access On Screen Display (OSD) menu. Here, you may change the brightness, contrast, saturation , temperature, skin tone and smart view.

Environmentally Friendly

Designed to accentuate your home decor, the ASUS VS278Q-P goes green in a big way as the LED backlit panel is 100 percent mercury free.

The packaging is arrives in is ‘green’ as well, as the cardboard box is made with 80 percent recycled materials. As far as energy efficiency goes, this monitor is certified EPEAT Gold, along with being ENERGY STAR certified.

Connectivity and Customer Support

Gamers and multimedia fans need a monitor with good connectivity in order to hook up to peripherals, game consoles and mobile devices.

The ASUS VS278Q-P does not fall short here, and comes complete with all the ports you will need, including a dual HDMI and Display Port for digital input, and D-Sub for analog input.

There is also an 3.5 mm mini jack Audio-in port and an earphone jack. This means that you are good to go for HD Blu-ray Disc players, DVD players, set top boxes, and dual 2 watt integrated stereo speakers.

ASUS offers a ‘Rapid Replacement’ Warranty which means free 2 way shipping, along with a 3 year system warranty and 3 year panel warranty.

This monitor is also Corporate Stable Model certified for one year, so in case this particular model becomes discontinued, you will be able to obtain a replacement.

The ASUS VS278Q-P comes with an LCD monitor, monitor base, quick start guide, warranty card, power cord, VGA cable, audio cable, HDMI-DVI cable.

As an interesting side note reinforcing their dependability and customer support, ASUS monitors are a winner of PC Mag’s Reader’s Choice Award, “No one would go wrong buying an ASUS PC display of any size.”– PCMAG Readers Choice.

The Final Words (Summary)

From our ASUS VS278Q-P review, you can see that this is a sweet monitor. An ultra-wide, 27-inch screen, 1 millisecond response time, D-Sub, Dual HDMI, Display Port, dual built in speakers and VESA wall mountable, make this a stellar choice.

ASUS exclusive technologies such as Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, Quick Fit, along with its Rapid Replacement Warranty service add to its desirability, and a sturdy stand complements this Full HD, LED monitor.

We find that the ASUS VS278Q-P not only presents excellence in overall image quality, but is also holds a classic and elegant design, and give it a hearty thumbs up!