Asus PB277Q Review

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In today’s busy world, people need dependable hardware for their computer systems. As you will see from our ASUS PB277Q review, the Asus PB277Q is work horse, specifically designed as a multi-use monitor which can handle not only your casual surfing and video viewing, but also your high end gaming needs.

Its large, expansive 27 inch WQHD resolution display means you have more room to stack up different projects, all at the same time.

So if you’re busy working on a newsletter project which requires a spreadsheet, wordprocessing document, as well as a graphic design software program to be open simultaneously, the ASUS PB277Q can handle the task.

You May Choose This ASUS 27-inch WQHD Monitor For The Following Key Specifications:

  • Stunning 2560 x 1440 resolution.
  • ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio.
  • Super fast 1 millisecond response time and 75 Hz refresh rate.
  • Exclusive ASUS Visual Enhancing Technologies.
  • ASUS EyeCare Technologies.

Asus PB277Q Review with Features & Benefits

Introduction to the ASUS PB277Q

What we have here with the ASUS PB277Q is a ergonomically designed monitor that can easily handle all of your multi-tasking needs.

It’s superb resolution, size and speed make the Asus PB277Q the ultimate monitor built to handle both work of spreadsheets and wordprocessing, then flip on over and delivery fast refresh rates and response time for your gaming needs.

Eye strain is significantly diminished due to ASUS EyeCare Technology, which will allow you to sit comfortably in front of your monitor for extended periods of time.

A nice little tidbit to add to the mix, is that the ASUS PB277Q was voted PCMag’s Reader’s Choice Award Winner for Computer Monitors.

PB277Q Resolution and Response Time

ASUS has knocked it out of the park again, with this beast of a monitor by providing you with a display that is expansive, shows detail and vibrant color.

Lets just start the ball rolling with a spectactular 109 pixels per inch. This means that you get 4 times more detail than with standard HD display monitors.

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In other words up to 77 percent more display space than the standard 1920 x 1080 HD monitor, with a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The ASUS PB277Q is a rapid fire response warrior of a gaming monitor. A refresh rate of 75 Hz and response time of 1 millisecond mean that you will not be left behind when doing high performance gaming.

The ultra quick response time of 1 millisecond almost eliminates ghosting, motion blur and screen tears, while giving you the advantage of fast, well timed responses.

All of this is designed to match your gaming reflexes, just the type of speed you need when on a mission in Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, where seconds count.

So, if you are looking for a monitor that will respond to your lightening quick reflexes as a gamer, this one can do the trick.

This is not only fabulous news for gamers, but also for those of you who make and watch videos, as well as those who make video games using high powered software such as Blender or UE4.

ASUS Visual Enhancing Technologies

SplendidPlus Video Intelligence Technology is designed exclusively by ASUS to make your gameplay immersive by enhancing colors, detail and overall display of your game.

Splendid Plus has 8 modes, all optimized for different viewing needs: Scenery mode, standard mode, theater mode, game mode, night view mode, sRGB mode, reading mode and darkroom mode.

These modes are preset for your convenience with settings for contrast, brightness temperature, sharpness, etc.

VividPixel Technology is another visual enhancing feature from ASUS, and focuses on increasing the sharpness, which results in a rich attention to detail for the user.

VividPixel Technology takes a low resolution image and creates a sharper, more detailed image, simply choose between 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100, with 100 being the most powerful level.

Finally, ASUS QuickFit Technology, which allows graphic designers the ability to edit their photos accurately by displaying them in their actual size.

Connectivity Options

Anyone into gaming, graphics or multimedia use realizes the importance of connectivity for their hardware.

The PB277Q is well stocked with connector options which include: HDMI, dual link DVI, DisplayPort, D-Sub, but notice that there is no VGA port listed in its official specs, so double check.

VGA is slowly being replaced by DVI, so an older computer may not have a DVI port. This ergonomically designed monitor is also able to be wall mounted for your convenience.

ASUS Eye Care Technology

Anyone who spends a good deal of time in front of a monitor is in danger of uncomfortable eye strain, and may develop Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Symptoms of CVS are red, burning eyes, headaches and fatigue. While you don’t realize it, much of your eyestrain is caused by a constant flicker of your monitor.

Asus PB277Q Review
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Even if you are not aware, this constant on and off cycle of the LED backlight is always hammering your eyes, resulting in eyestrain.

Realizing that their customers will be spending extended hours at the computer, ASUS developed the Smart Dynamic Backlight Adjustment technology, to eliminate this constant LED flicker.

The ASUS PB277Q has since been certified to be flicker free by TUV Rheinland Laboratories. As if screen flickering were not enough, there is another culprit which contributes to eyestrain, and that is exposure to blue light.

In fact, blue light not only contributes to eye strain, but also may contribute to permanent eye damage. As a result, ASUS has developed a Blue Light Filter Technology to protect you from the effects of blue light exposure.

For your convenience, ASUS PB277Q gives you the choice of selecting from four different blue light filter settings, each designed for specific monitor uses.

Summary (The Final Words)

Our ASUS PB277Q review has shown that this bit of hardware, with its large 27 inch display area, 16:9 aspect ratio and 2560 x 1440 resolution with 75 Hz refresh rate is a warrior of a monitor, and is more than able to handle small or large tasks.

Made with exclusive ASUS Technologies, such as EyeCare, the ASUS PB277Q is built for toughness, high performance and comfort.

For excellence in viewing detail, overall performance and expansive display area, we give the PB277Q a 5 star rating.