AKG K240 Review For Buyer’s

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The AKG K240 Professional, Over-Ear, Semi-Open Headphones have been used by professionals for many years, and have proven themselves, task after task.

Whether they were used in studios, live concert halls, or sound stages, they have never failed to deliver the high quality performance which is attributed them them, and always live up to their reputation as the professionals choice.

With the K240, you are guaranteed to hear highs as clear as crystal, and the wear ability of their design is second to none. We now invite you to gain further insight in to these stellar headphones, by way of our AKG K240 review.

You may choose this AKG K240 Semi-Open Headphone for the following Specification:

  • Self Adjusting headband for the ultimate in comfort
  • Semi-open technology gives you clear, crisp treble and solid bass
  • Patented Varimotion 30mm XXL transducer for precise signal transfer and dynamic range
  • Over the ear design which is perfect for long hours of wear
  • This model has been used by professionals in both stage and studio for over 20 years

AKG K240 Review with Features

Design, Comfort and Fit

This model headphones, the K240 is part of AKG’s professional lineup of studio headphones. The two-tone black and gold design centers on the classic, with their overall build being one of contemporary construction, and weighs in at a light 8.5 ounces.

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To ensure a perfect fit, there is a self-adjusting strap that is built with a steel structure which makes an automatic snug and comfortable fit.

This is known as a ‘gimbal type suspension’, and it is what makes the headphones conform to each individual’s ears, and do so without pressure build up, pain or discomfort.

Depending on how you like to work or listen, you can choose to wear these earphones on just one ear, or both.

Rugged and superb construction make these headphones a favorite for professional DJs all over the world, as they can endure tough, active gigs, and do not require gentle handling.

Semi-Open Ear-Cup Design

You’ll find that the ear cups are quite large, almost reminiscent of the ‘cans’ of the 70’s and 80’s that many of us owned.

These ear cups are designed to surround your ears completely, and are made of tough, durable plastic instead of heavy metal, which adds to their comfort.

The semi-open design works to keep your ears cool while you work in the studio or perform, reducing sweating immensely.

This semi-open design also means that you will be able to hear the conversations of co workers who are close enough.

The surrounds are thickly cushioned for comfort, almost like soft, but firm pillows against your ears.

This cushioning is designed to enhance your comfort during long hours in the studio or gaming, and the snug fit means that the sounds you are hearing playing that FPS, will not escape into the surrounding environment, unless you really pump up the volume to the max.

Verimotion Diaphragm Technology Features

These headphones utilize 2 XXL dynamic transducers that are designed with AKG’s very own, patented Verimotion diaphragm technology.

This technology is what makes the reproduced audio so precise, whether at the lowest levels or highest.

The diaphragm is thin and elastic, which is what contributes to the powerful bass effect, so the bass is rich, deep and resonant, and the treble and mid range sounds are crisp and clear.

These transducers in the AKG are rather large, which ensures that the audio is more true to life and three dimensional, which will add great depth to your gameplay, movie watching or music streaming.

AKG K240 Review (Best Semi Open Studio Headphones)
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These studio headphones from AKG come with a low impedance of 55 Ohm, a max input power of 200mV, frequency range of 15 Hz to 25,000 Hz, sensitivity of 91 decibels.

To reduce oxidation, they have gold plated stereo 1/8 inch mini jack, and a gold plated 1/4 inch screw on adapter, a plug-in one sided cable that is 3 meters in length, which ensures that it is resistant to twists and tangles, all of which can have an negative effect on your signal quality, and total harmonic distortion less than 0.3 percent.

Sound Quality

The K240 is said to give the listener a sense of depth, open air and 3 dimensional feel to the audio, giving the reproduced audio a true to life sense of space. The trebles, or higher frequencies you’ll find are rather light, and free flowing.

The mid range values, where you’ll usually hear the vocals, resound with a natural, realistic, concert sound. The bass is where you’ll actually feel the music, and the K240 produces a very tactile bass.

Overall, whether you tend to use this for films, music or gaming, you will get a realistic, true to life reproduction of surround of sound, and all without any unpleasant distortion.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your AKG K240 Professional Headphones

With the sound quality of these headphones, you will never need an external amplifier. However, sometimes cables do need to be replaced, which is why this AKG Professional Studio headset model has been designed with a detachable input cable in case you ever happen to require a replacement.

AKG K240 Review
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The XLR connectors will give you just the right amount of contact so your connection will remain secure. When reading these our article, it may come across that this headphone set cannot be used with lower level output sources, but such is not the case.

While these headphones are touted to be preferred by professionals with high level audio equipment, the designers at AKG realize that people own CD players, stream via the computer, mini-disc and other devices, so made sure that these headphones would be able to work for portable devices as well.

Just connect your other devices to the K240 and it will be able to handle low level devices, giving you the same, optimal results as if you were working with high level equipment.

Pros & Cons of this AKG K240 Headphone

    Pros of the Product

  • Quality contemporary build with retro design
  • Semi-open ear cups
  • Gimbel style strap design
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Professionals choice

     Cons of the Product

  • The cable may be too long for many users to deal with

Final Thoughts (Summary)

The K240 has a quality build, semi-open circumanural designed ear cups, thick ear cushions, all with a self adjusting headband for the ultimate in comfort.

Patented Variation speakers, easy to remove, single sided detachable cable that rarely if ever tangles, standard stereo mini plug and a 1/4 inch adapter.

The sound quality is exceptional, dynamic, dimensional, spacious, and most find it a far better bet than its competitors of the same caliber.

From this AKG K240 review, we recommend this model not only for its supreme handling and sound quality, but because of the high level of comfort it gives its wearer.