Dogtra 300m Review: 300M & 302M Training Collar

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According to Dogtra 300m review, this item is designed for individuals who are dog owners. They can use this device to help maintain obedience and control of the dog. It will teach the animals to stay in their boundaries and to follow orders from their master.

Dog owners can take advantage of the benefits the training collar has to offer; which will allow animals to learn boundaries. It can save a dog’s life by teaching it to stay inside of its perimeters instead of running into the road. It can also help teach animals to make safe decisions instead of following their instincts and run away. Owners will be able to rest at night knowing that this item can offer a safe and secure area for their pets.

Reasons Dogtra Training Collars were Chosen for Review

  • It offers excellent control and managed behavior for dogs.
  • Excessive stimulation is not needed when using this product.
  • The receiver is completely safe and is waterproof protected.
  • This collar will reach up to a ½ mile away from any type of dog.
  • The device is battery operated and rechargeable for continuous training.

Important Features & Benefits

Levels of Stimulation – This unique, stimulating collar has levels that range from zero through one hundred. This is a helpful feature because it can give a variety of different stages of simulations that can be used for different types of dogs. The ratings of stimulation range from minimal to intensive stimulation.

Depending on the dog size and reaction to the stimulation, it can be adjusted to work best for each style of dog. Some dogs need more stimulation than other dogs depending on their temperament and behavior. Being able to adjust the stimulation per pet gives a lead way in training each dog with their own specifications. This is a great feature because not all dogs learn the same way and will adapt to training on the same level.

Water Resistant – The collar and transmitter are designed with waterproof construction. This allows the dog to run in the rain or puddles and not get hurt while wearing the device. The transmitter is also made to be water repellent and will not be affected during bath time or playtime. Dogs can do what they love to do in the water while wearing their training collar. It lets them be themselves while training is in progress. Even with the water-resistant feature, there is a rechargeable battery indicator.

Rechargeable LED Battery Function – The collar is equipped with an indicator that is LED based. This feature detects how much life the battery has before needing to be charged. When the battery needs to be charged it is made to be rechargeable.

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This is a handy function because there is no need to run out of batteries in the middle of making training progress. Rechargeable batteries can be charged over and over again without harming the batteries or interfering with training time.

Advancement for Dogs – This device is made to handle up to two dogs at once. The dogs can weigh 15 pounds and up for effective training. Dog collars are manufactured for a range of up to a half a mile distance. Pets can have the opportunity of having short or long distance boundaries that they can enjoy while assisting them in training behavior. Dogs can continue their normal daily play area while learning behavior and boundaries. This works well when taking dogs to the park or on trips.

Tags – Purchasing the training collar and device also offers a free prize for your dog. Customized dog tags are available with this product that the dogs can wear on the collar. The customization can be used to implement the name of the pet and any other information you would like to put the tag. The tag comes in handy for identification purposes for your animal.

  • Has vibration and simulation training to choose from.
  • Extended battery life before needing to be charged.
  • Exceptional price for two collars
  • Equipped with a lanyard.
  • Durable collars that withstand doggy roughness and playfulness.
  • Collars can withstand being in emerged in mud and still work effectively.
  • Need to visually see the remote to make sure the correct button is pushed.
  • The controller needs to be charged longer for first-time use.
  • On and off switch is not easy to detect.

Some Buyer FAQ’s

When ordering this product, it is important to indicate the two collar option if that is what you are wanting to buy. If the two collar selection is not indicated, then only one collar will be chosen for purchase. Both collars can be synchronized with the remote device and will be programmed for each individual dog’s needs.

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For more than one dog in use with the collar, there are two different signal channels for each collar. The signals are easy to understand with the color coding indications. Each color is designed to work independently with each collar for each dog. There are two different ways to get the dog’s attention when they are wearing the collars. You can transmit a zap or buzz to get the dog’s attention.

At what age can you begin using Dogtra?

The recommended age to begin using Dogtra is when your dog is at least six months old. This will give them time to mature and develop so they can adapt to training on the same level as an adult dog.

What size battery does the Dogtra device use?

The Dogtra training collar uses an RFA-188 battery. This is a 3-volt type of battery that can be found in most stores.

What is the weight limit for the dogs that can use Dogtra?

The weight limit for dogs that can use Dogtra is 15 pounds or more. There are no size restrictions for the dogs that can use this product. All that is required is that the dog be at least six months old.

How often do Dogtra collars need to be replaced?

Dogtra collars do not need to be replaced unless they are damaged or no longer working correctly. The batteries in the collars are designed to be rechargeable so they can be used over and over again. It is important to make sure the batteries are charged on a regular basis so they will be ready when needed.

Insider Tips

​In this Dogtra element 300m review, I will present some tips to make the use easier for you.

If there is a need for a replacement of the collar, remote, or any other parts; they can be purchased online. It is good to know that replacement parts can be bought if there is a malfunction or accident when training. The collars can handle the wear and tear that dogs put them through. No matter how hard they romp and play; the collars will still be effective.

The Final Words (Summary)

According to Dogtra collar reviews, the training dog collar works well and dogs respond to it quickly. The fact that two collars can be purchased at once is nice because they can be programmed with the device. The color coding makes training easy to do and use successfully.

Being able to individualize each collar to the remote will allow proper training for each dog. Having a half mile range detector allows the dogs to roam with ease. They can maintain their exercise each day and still learn the boundaries while doing so. Start today and give your dogs the freedom they enjoy without the worry and stress.